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Keep Views Organized with Folder Permissions in SmartSuite

Keep Views Organized with Folder Permissions in SmartSuite

10 minutes

March 29, 2024

SmartSuite's latest feature release is nothing short of a revelation for application sharing within the platform. Imagine the ability to categorize your views into neatly organized folders. But wait, there's more—it's not just organization that's on the table. This feature hands you the keys to the kingdom of access control. You decide who sets eyes on your carefully curated folders. It's about to elevate your data management game to new heights.

If you're seasoned in the SmartSuite world or just starting, you might have come across a common snag—a multitude of views with no clear order, making finding the right one akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Thankfully, those days are behind us. Let's navigate through this innovative solution together.

How to Use the New Feature

Enhancing Functionality with Folders

Ready for a walkthrough? Let's start within a SmartSuite solution. Today, we're using the product management template—snatch it up using the link provided in this video's description. As we expand the views section, we're greeted with the usual suspects: grid, Kanban, dashboard, and more.

But now, the 'Create View' button holds a surprise. Hover over it, and you'll find the option to create a folder. For demonstration purposes, let's set one up for a finance team by spelling out 'finance' and dropping views into our newly minted folder. Voilà! Views neatly tucked away, easily expandable, and collapsible.

Commanding Control with Permissions

The true marvel here, though, lies in permissions. Select the folder settings, and you'll notice it's shared as a default with everyone who has access to the solution. But what if these views are meant for a finance department's eyes only?

Select 'Selected Members' to specify individuals or groups from your team who should have access. Grant permissions based on teams or specific roles within SmartSuite, tailoring visibility to full access or editor access, among other options. This granularity allows you to meticulously sculpt the sharing landscape of your applications.

Embracing No-Code Automation

Before we wrap up, a quick tip for those just dipping their toes into the no-code waters or who are curious about no-code automation: It's a game-changer. Automating those repetitive, background tasks can free up your time significantly. There's an entire world of efficiency gains awaiting you, and I'd love to guide you through it with my free training at Gapconsulting IO webinar registration.

The Big Picture

We've gone through the motions pretty quickly, but this new feature's potential can't be overstated. More control, better organization, and precise sharing options—all designed to help different teams within your organization stay on track with their day-to-day activities.

To experience the future of work management firsthand, start your free SmartSuite trial today!