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Hide Record Data Conditionally in SmartSuite

Hide Record Data Conditionally in SmartSuite

April 12, 2024

SmartSuite has been making waves with its backend enhancements, and now they're stepping up their front-end game as well. SmartSuite's latest feature—the ability to conditionally hide sections within our records. Picture this: sharing access to a record while displaying only pertinent information for that precise moment. It's like having a secret compartment in your digital toolbox that only pops open under the right circumstances.

How Conditional Hiding Works

Utilizing a template from SmartSuite's gallery—we picked "Event Planning" for demonstration purposes—we've got our playground ready. Inside, we find various tables for meticulous event organization. But let's get down to business and inspect the 'Schedules' table.

Upon expanding a record—let's say our 'VIP Showcase Close'—we see a rich tapestry of fields. Previously, we could name a section and opt to collapse it by default. Now, imagine you want to keep certain information like 'Event Details' under wraps until specific conditions are met. Fear not; this ingenious new feature has you covered!

We build a new 'Item Status' field with options like backlog, in-process, ready for review, and complete. The goal here is to reveal 'Event Details' only when the status hits 'complete'. Enter the 'Page Settings' and find a treasure trove of layout options, cover photo settings, field visibility controls, and our star feature, 'Sections Visibility'.

Here we set a simple conditional rule—if 'Item Status' is complete, unveil 'Event Details'. Now, when you revisit records, those not meeting the criteria will keep 'Event Details' secret, and only when you strike 'complete' do the details gloriously emerge.

Enriching Your Workflows

This isn't just about hiding and showing sections; it's about crafting tailored experiences in your digital environment. Take lead requests on a website. Initially, you may only need a smidgen of what's provided, saving the meaty details for when a lead is marked 'qualified'. With this feature, you unveil what you need, when you need it, preserving the pristine simplicity of your interface for all other times.

SmartSuite's conditional hiding truly refines how we interact with data, demonstrating the potential to shave off hours of needless complexity in handling records. Never again should you wade through a swamp of irrelevant data when a few clicks can streamline your data display to sheer necessity.

I'm all geared up to see how this feature will weave itself into your workflows. Unleashing creativity and efficiency is what SmartSuite serves on a silver platter with this update. And remember, if we zipped through any steps too briskly, drop your questions below. Your curiosity fuels our community, and we're here to craft clarity together.

So why wait? If you haven't already infused SmartSuite into your no-code armory, there's no better time. Go ahead, hide a little, show a little, and watch as your workflow metamorphoses into a more polished, purpose-driven powerhouse of productivity.

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