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 Our Partner-First Journey: A Thriving Ecosystem of Global Collaboration

Our Partner-First Journey: A Thriving Ecosystem of Global Collaboration

July 15, 2023

SmartSuite's success story is deeply intertwined with a network of dedicated service providers spread across the globe. We have over 150 vetted partners in more than 15 countries helping companies automate business processes, and our recent visit to New York perfectly encapsulates our thriving Partner First strategy.

Our trip to the Big Apple this week was marked by fruitful dialogues, innovative ideation, and the strengthening of partnerships. We hosted multiple events to engage with our partners, discussing joint go-to-market strategies, reviewing customer use cases, and demonstrating SmartSuite's latest features. It was an opportunity to foster deeper understanding and synergy among all parties, affirming our commitment to mutual growth.

Our Service Provider program is designed for consultants, integrators, and VARs passionate about delivering value-added services, reseller services, or intending to offer SmartSuite in a Managed Service Provider format. We believe in empowering our partners, equipping them with the tools they need to understand client needs, devise implementation roadmaps, and deliver streamlined workflows in SmartSuite.

A highlight of our visit was the hands-on training we provided to various consultants. This step is crucial in our partnership program, ensuring that every service provider is competent and confident to navigate SmartSuite, ultimately delivering top-tier services to our clients.

From Consulting Companies to Freelance Consultants, our doors are open to those who value delivering high-quality solutions. The SmartSuite Partner program offers attractive commissions, with our Platinum tier providing a 40% commission of first-year license fees and a 30% commission for second-year license fees.

We consider our partners an extension of our team and the key to our continued success. Our Partner First strategy is more than just a business model; it's a testament to the collaborative spirit that drives us at SmartSuite. If you're interested in joining our growing network of partners, begin your journey here: