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 Dynamic Innovation: SmartSuite Uplifts with Airtable's Most Wanted Feature

Dynamic Innovation: SmartSuite Uplifts with Airtable's Most Wanted Feature

10 minutes

July 18, 2023

It's a scene we're familiar with: users clamoring for a feature that would make their workflow smoother, their days brighter. Well, wishes do come true in the tech world, and the latest buzz comes with SmartSuite's production release of one of Airtable's most eagerly awaited features – dynamic filters for linked records. It's a game changer, and it's cool by any standard.

Why such a fuss about this feature? Our dedicated clientele, the heartbeat of our business, might not have shouted from the rooftops for "dynamic filters," but what they needed was a tool for effortlessly navigating an ocean of data. They desired an intuitive app experience without playing hide and seek with countless records. So, bear with me as I unfold how these dynamic filters operate and why they should matter to you.

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Dynamic Linked Records: Sales Use Case

Let's role-play as a sales representative enterprising through their exciting daily opportunities. Picture an implementation project on the table for the Bloomjoy account, linked to the corresponding records. In this sales scenario, Jennifer and Paul emerge as the Bloomjoy stars – the accounts they're connected to. These are our decision-makers, our champions of commerce!

Here comes the curveball – with conventional no-code systems, linking records feels like a jungle safari as you search and link to any contacts. It's all fine and dandy when you’re dealing with a few dozen records, but what happens when the numbers skyrocket to thousands? Sales reps shouldn't perform data gymnastics just to link the Jennifer that matters among fifteen of them.

Enter the solution – dynamic filters. It is not limited to CRM systems, although that's our primary stage today. Any implementation can harness the power of filtering data for a tailored, crisp experience. For example, imagine honing in on locations, instantly pulling up the relevant stores in a selected state.

To set this up, tap into your contacts. Then, leap into the settings for a dash of configuration magic under advanced settings. Here, you come face-to-face with the filters – the architects of your dynamic experience. Select the account field, and with a few clicks, you create a connection that says, "Hey, only show me the contacts linked to my current account opportunity."

Save these settings, and voilà – a curated list of contacts specific to Bloomjoy or any account you designate is at your service.

But what's a feature without a real-world test, right? Suppose we replace Bloomjoy with A P Industries; once linked, we discover Angela is the lone sentinel for A P Industries. Seamless, effective, and oh-so-smooth.

As a side note, if you're going public-facing with forms from SmartSuite, bear in mind that dynamic filters are shy and haven't graced forms just yet. Although, workarounds do exist through fill out with SmartSuite, a topic which – and yes, this is a shameless plug – I cover in a complimentary course, link below.

By leveraging dynamic filters, we're not just cutting down on unnecessary clicks; we're crafting personalized experiences for users, making every interaction precise and pleasant.

So there you have it – my walkthrough on making the most of dynamic filters in Smartsuite for an enriched, frustration-free user journey. And remember, should you find yourselves with questions, curiosity, or in need of some no-code camaraderie, reach out for a free half-hour consultation at, where we turn "Can we?" into "We can!"

Streamline Data Handling

The road to streamlined data handling is often rocky, yet dynamic filters have paved a smooth path within SmartSuite. It's time we collectively embrace these seemingly small innovations that promise enormous impacts in our digital endeavors. May your records always be easy to find, your filters forever useful, and your CRMs a joy to navigate.

Skimming over the new horizons of no-code solutions, dynamic filtering stands as a beacon of usability and finesse. SmartSuite understood the assignment and, with a little nudge and expertise from passionate advocates, introduced a feature that answers a resounding call for efficiency and intuitiveness. Join the future where data works for you, seamlessly, smartly – welcome to the era of Smartsuite's dynamic filters.

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