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How to Time Block in SmartSuite to Improve Personal Productivity

How to Time Block in SmartSuite to Improve Personal Productivity

10 minutes

March 29, 2023

Have you ever found yourself at the end of a workday perplexed by how much work you've actually done, yet your top priorities remain untouched? You're not alone. Distractions like Slack, emails, and various notifications can derail the best set plans. But there's hope for us all – and it lies within the realm of time blocking, specifically within a tool called SmartSuite.

Recognize the Unproductive Chaos (And Don't Blame Yourself)

Before we dive into the practical solutions, let's address something essential: self-compassion. If you've ever found yourself with a laundry list of tasks crossed off yet your main objectives still on the to-do list, it's important to remember that in the fluid environment of small teams, reacting to immediate needs can sometimes take precedence. Things come up, priorities shift. Don't beat yourself up over it.

"Life happens, things happen, things change, and we sometimes need to adapt to what life throws at us."

Yet, when every day feels like a reactive scramble, it's a sign that something needs to shift. Without a sense of control over your daily tasks, that feeling of always playing catch-up can become a chronic stressor, stifling growth and personal achievements.

Time Blocking: A Game Changer for Personal Productivity

So, what exactly is time blocking? In essence, it's a way to ensure that your intentions and your calendar are in perfect harmony.

"Time blocking is about aligning your priorities with your calendar to ensure you're actually productive — doing what you view as important when it matters most."

In breaking down time blocking, we must acknowledge that it is neither about packing more work into your schedule nor chasing a clock. It's about dedicating yourself wholeheartedly to the task at hand during the time you've set aside for it.

Getting into the Nitty-Gritty of Time Blocking with SmartSuite

SmartSuite, the sponsor of today's content, is where time blocking can be brought to life. If you're interested in giving it a whirl, you might want to check out our affiliate link. But before you do, let's allay any fears about time blocking. It doesn't require you to plan every minute of your day with military precision. There are flexible approaches suitable for everyone.

Step 1: Identify Your Time Blocks

Within SmartSuite, you have several options to structure your time. You could go traditional by blocking every task into your week, a method that works well for purely task-oriented roles. Or, you could segment your days into broader chunks, dividing time between personal endeavors and work or various hats you wear within your team.

Step 2: Link Time Blocks to Specific Priorities

Once you've structured your ideal week with time blocks, it's crucial to connect these to the tasks at hand. This is where SmartSuite's "My Work" feature comes in handy, letting you access your prioritized tasks for each block, ensuring when it's time to focus on marketing, all marketing tasks are at your fingertips.

Step 3: Creating a Workflow That Works

Implementing time blocking requires a system where you can respond to shifting priorities without missing a beat. Here's where colored codes and SmartSuite views become invaluable. Categorizing your work items allows you to maintain a clear perspective, whether you're wearing the CEO hat or the content creator's cap.

Step 4: Make Room for Flexibility and Balance

No plan survives contact with reality unaltered, so build in some wiggle room. If tasks take longer, move them to the next relevant block but do so sparingly. Over-manipulating your schedule can defeat the purpose of time blocking.

Step 5: Keep It All In Check

Lastly, maintain a dashboard in SmartSuite to balance your due dates with your time blocks. Use visual aids like bar charts to track your available capacity, ensuring you're not overcommitted. If conflicts arise, tweak your schedule or the tasks due dates accordingly.

Final Thoughts on Harnessing the Power of Time Blocking

Though sponsored by SmartSuite, the strategies discussed here transcend the tool. Time blocking is about finding a method that allows you to govern your day, rather than being governed by it. It's about prioritizing with purpose and acting with intent.

"Time blocking is an art, not a science, to help you feel a little bit more in control."

The casual and straightforward framing in this piece is suited for individuals and team members within small organizations ready to enhance their productivity without diving into the deep end of extensive planning systems. As we culminate this journey into personal productivity, remember that the art of time blocking is a skill to be honed, not a rigid structure to be imprisoned by.

Are you eager to explore more about SmartSuite and personal productivity? Drop a comment with what you'd like to learn next. And if you're new to SmartSuite, fear not. The learning curve is part of the process, and resources are abundant to guide you through your productivity transformation.

Remember, productivity isn't about being busy; it's about being busy with purpose. Time blocking with SmartSuite or any tool of your choosing is a strategic approach to ensure that at the day's end, your real priorities are the ones that have seen progress.

Now, go forth and block your time wisely. Your productivity is waiting to be unleashed.

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