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What's New in SmartSuite: July 2022 Edition

What's New in SmartSuite: July 2022 Edition

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July 26, 2022

What's New in SmartSuite - July Edition

This past month marks many product updates with customer needs and requests in mind to continue improving the customization and efficiency of working in SmartSuite. Read on to learn more.

New Homepage

Access to resources, customization, and easy navigation.

Our new and improved SmartSuite Home Page offers easy access to the resources you need to begin using our platform, customize your company's workspace, and become a power user.


You can now customize your company's workspace with the updated homepage's theme colors and customized logo features.

  • Theme Color: Select a theme color for your workspace banner to match your company branding. Simply click the "Change Color" icon in the upper right corner of your workspace banner and select the color of your preference.
  • Logo: Hover over the default logo and click the "Edit Logo" button to upload your customized logo. You'll be able to crop the image and select either a circular or rectangle shape to display it in.


  • SmartSuite Guides help you start using SmartSuite faster and learn about all platform functions and features. Schedule a demo, view our how-to videos, or learn from comprehensive help articles in our help center. You can also view our 200+ Solution template gallery, contact support for any needs, and download SmartSuite’s Mobile App.

  • Main Website: Easily navigate back to our main marketing website after being logged in automatically through the pop-up window when you sign in or the link in the resource sidebar.  
  • Webinars: Under the Resources tab, you can view and register for our upcoming webinars to learn more about the basics and specific SmartSuite use cases and features. 

  • Inviting New Members: You can now invite new members directly from the “My Workspace” section on the home page.

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Bulk Actions

Perform bulk actions on records

In Grid View, you can select multiple records and perform an action on all of the selected records. This enables you to quickly pick out certain records in your data that you want to take action with, instead of working one by one with all of the data at once.

To perform a bulk action, simply check the box to the left of each record you wish to perform the action on. A panel will display at the bottom allowing you to print, export, or delete each selected record.

More about each of these actions:

Bulk Print

  • This action allows you to print the selected records, filtering out the unselected items. The print function is otherwise the same as printing all of the displayed records in the grid.

Bulk Export

  • The bulk export action allows you to select just the records you need, sending them to a downloadable PDF, Excel or CSV document - or alternatively saving them as a Google Sheet.

Bulk Delete

  • The delete action lets you send the selected records to the recycle bin. They can still be restored just like individually deleted records if you need them back.

(Bulk updates are also now available!)

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Add a new row in Grid View

Add a new row in just one click

The grid has been enhanced with the ability to add a new record without opening the edit record window.

Simply click the + beneath the last row of data in the grid and enter information as you would with a new row in a spreadsheet. You'll be entering data faster than ever!

Pro tip:
If you change the title to “not required” you can add multiple empty rows.

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Slack and Gmail Automations

Automate Slack messages and Gmail emails

You can now configure automations in SmartSuite to send messages in Slack and through your own Gmail account. 

Simply add your Slack Account, grant SmartSuite permission to send messages to it, and pick the Slack channel or individual user you want to send the message to. You can customize the message to include any information from the triggering record and get important information to your team instantly.

Sending email through your Gmail account is just as easy. You authorize SmartSuite to access your Gmail account, specify the email addresses or SmartSuite Members you want to email, and customize the subject and body of the email message. Just like the Slack action you can incorporate field values into the content, or reference email fields to populate TO, CC and BCC values.

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Default Workspace

Set your default workspace

If you have multiple workspaces, you can select which workspace you would like to be directed to after logging in.

This is helpful if you spend the majority of your time in one workspace, eliminating the need to select it each time you log in. In the switch Workspace selector, a green dot indicates which workspace is your default.

You can change your default workspace at any time by clicking the dot next to the workspace you want to act as the default.

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User Community

Connect, share, and engage with our community

The SmartSuite Community was created to help you interact with other SmartSuite users, ask and answer questions, learn more about the platform and product updates, and see how other customers are using SmartSuite.

Here are a few simple guidelines for maximizing your SmartSuite Community experience:

How to ask a question

  • Locate the right Space for your post.
  • Clearly state the SmartSuite feature/topic you're referencing.
  • Clearly raise the question and/or confusion you are seeking support with.
  • Tag your post with relevant tags

How to start a discussion

How to request new features

How to report bugs or security issues

  • Please report bugs in Provide Feedback > Report A Bug.

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Keep an eye out for the August Edition - lots of exciting enhancements are coming soon!