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Enhancing Your Workflow with SmartSuite and Fillout: A Powerful Integration for Advanced Form Capabilities

Enhancing Your Workflow with SmartSuite and Fillout: A Powerful Integration for Advanced Form Capabilities

6 minutes

June 7, 2023

Hey there, innovators and productivity seekers! Are you looking to power up the forms within SmartSuite? If yes, you're not alone. While SmartSuite offers some basic form functionality, we all know there are moments when we need our digital tools to go the extra mile – and that's precisely what's happening with the latest integration of Fillout into SmartSuite’s offerings.

Ready to enhance your forms? Try SmartSuite yourself with a free trial and follow along with our in-depth exploration.

The Integration that Changes Everything

SmartSuite users, let's celebrate – the days of settling for straightforward forms are over, thanks to Fillout's comprehensive integration that lets us ask for and process complex data like never before. With Fillout, a native form software, we now tap into possibilities that were once just wishful thinking.

Here are a few scenarios to ponder:

  • Capturing up-to-date info: Want to collect data without placing the burden on yourself? Forms are your friend. First names, last names, phone numbers, emails, you name it, without the manual hassle.
  • Updating records effortlessly: Imagine users refreshing their info without needing to buzz you – Fillout makes it a reality.

Let's roll up our digital sleeves and delve into a real-world example that illustrates just how transformative this SmartSuite-Fillout duet is.

SmartSuite Forms: The Basics and Beyond

Within the SmartSuite environment, creating a form is a smooth sail. Hop over to your views, add a new form, and voilà – you're ready to compile those crucial details from contacts. Simplicity is a slice of the no-code pie, after all.

The downside? That's where the capability plateaued – until now.

Fillout: The Advanced Form Alchemist

Transitioning to Fillout, setting up a form is as effortless as before, but now, it's like having a magnum opus palette of options at your fingertips. Here's a sneak peek:

Connecting to SmartSuite just got easier:

  1. Hit 'New Form'
  2. Select 'SmartSuite' under integrations
  3. Insert your API key and workspace ID (for the admin level users)
  4. Choose your app and solution
  5. Add fields to form with a simple click

Customize to your heart's content – welcome to the era of placeholders, advanced logic, default values, you name it. With minimal input from your end, your form is ready to go live.

The First Form:

It collects your user's details, but the finesse doesn't end here.

Updating Records: The Game Changer

Now, this is where Fillout flexes its muscles. It guides you in creating a unique link for each record, which means...

  1. Duplicate the form in Fillout
  2. Opt for 'Update Record' in integrations
  3. Paste the provided formula into your SmartSuite app

Boom – a personalized URL is generated, allowing your contacts to amend their information seamlessly. No extra records, no mix-ups.

Connecting the Dots: SmartSuite Automation

Once your initial form snags new contact data, send the update form link via email. Automation in SmartSuite can take care of this, freeing you from the extra toil. The process becomes a harmonious loop that self-perpetuates, keeping data fresh and your hands free.

Now, for the nitty-gritty of how all these steps come together, don't shy away from hopping into our full video guide. It's a trove of step-by-step instructions that will have you mastering advanced forms in no time. And while you're at it, join the conversation in the comments section—we're all ears for your insights and queries.

Embracing the No-Code Evolution

This integration stands as a testament to the evolution of no-code platforms. With SmartSuite and Fillout now in a synchronized dance, the ceiling of what we can achieve with forms has been lifted.

Eager to experience this transformation firsthand? Take SmartSuite for a spin with a free trial and get ready to level up your workflow efficiency.