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Copy & Paste from Airtable to SmartSuite

Copy & Paste from Airtable to SmartSuite

9 minutes

February 14, 2023

If you've been wrangling with spreadsheets and looking for smarter ways to manage your tasks, you're in for a treat. We're diving into the fresh-off-the-oven feature that SmartSuite has unfurled, allowing you to smoothly transition data straight from Airtable into SmartSuite's welcoming arms.

As Airtable shifts its gears towards the enterprise realm, many users find themselves at crossroads, pondering their next steps. If you're scouting for alternatives, why not take SmartSuite for a spin? You can kick things off with a no-strings-attached 14-day trial by clicking our affiliate link down below.

Getting Set Up - The Foundations

Alright, let's jump right in. Imagine we've got this nifty app within SmartSuite—a tasks app to be precise. It's laid out with all the columns I need, sprinkled with some pre-existing data. But, hey, if you're starting from scratch, that works too.

Over on the Airtable side of things, there's a similar setup – a base with a tasks table hungry for that data migration. Ready to take the plunge?

Copy-and-Paste Magic

Here's the trick: Highlight the Airtable data, snag it with a Command+C on a Mac (or Control+C for the PC loyalists), and prepare to teleport that info over to SmartSuite.

Now, pay attention to this bit – it's crucial. Your fields in both platforms need to mirror each other, title for title, in the exact same sequence – it's the golden rule.

Title     | Assigned to | Priority | Status    | Due Date | Project--------- | ----------- | -------- | --------- | -------- | -------Task ABC  | Dan Lehman  | High     | In Progress | 03/15  | Project XYZ

What's that? The lingo doesn't quite match up, with Airtable sporting "Assignee" while SmartSuite goes with "Assigned to"? A simple tweak to align these names can save you from data import headaches.

Importing Woes and Wins

Now, when you're in SmartSuite ready to paste, make sure you click on the cell border—not inside the cell. Getting it just right means your data lands where it should, not lumped together in a text jumble.

"Oh no!" you might exclaim, noticing the "Assigned to" and "Priority" columns swapped places during the transfer. A small slip, but with big consequences.

Not to worry, though. SmartSuite's bulk actions tool lets us wipe clean those records and gives us a do-over. Adjust columns to march in the right order, and voilà – your data falls flawlessly into place.

But wait, there's a hiccup. The "Status" column's playing hooky, missing values during the move. That often happens with single or multi-select fields if the values play the name game but don't quite match. It's an easy fix, though—just make sure both SmartSuite and Airtable sing the same tune, value-wise.

Beyond Text: Smart Linking and Relationships

It's not just about shuffling text around. SmartSuite's nifty enough to recognize names. So, when "Dan Leman" hops over from Airtable, SmartSuite greets him by name, linking him up to his profile, complete with a snazzy avatar.

Project links work similarly. Let's say there's a "Projects" app within SmartSuite. For seamless linking, make sure the corresponding project's already in the SmartSuite database.

Picture it this way: It’s like lining up dominoes. Start with data that doesn't hinge on others, get that in place, then cascade through the interlinked tables. A bit of strategizing goes a long way.

Best Practices for Heavier Loads

What if you're dealing with data that's as complex as a Gordian knot? Then, rather than copy-pasting, you might want to enlist the aid of third-party tools like Make or Zapier, or lean on SmartSuite's CSV import prowess.

Should that sound daunting, give us a shout over at, and we'll guide you through setting up SmartSuite—effortlessly.

Wrapping Up

There you have it—a step-by-step on integrating your Airtable data into SmartSuite, making your data transition as smooth as butter. Don't forget, the link to that free 14-day trial of SmartSuite awaits your click—give it a try and see how it transforms your workflow.

To experience SmartSuite's key benefits for yourself, start a free trial today and explore its intuitive work management platform.