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How to Email into SmartSuite (to Automate HR Data Entry) with Email Parser by Zapier

How to Email into SmartSuite (to Automate HR Data Entry) with Email Parser by Zapier

10 minutes

April 19, 2023

Running a business or managing day-to-day operations typically involves juggling multiple software tools. These tools, critical for specialized tasks like bookkeeping or HR, can often feel like solitary islands in our broader tech ecosystem due to their importance and confidential nature.

For instance, consider the HR software Gusto—a favorite of ours here at Process Driven. Much like you, we often need to usher information about new hires and their onboarding from Gusto into our task management hub, SmartSuite. However, Gusto and similar tools can be a bit standoffish when it comes to socializing with others in your software stack. Thus, we're left with the daunting task of manually transferring data—a laborious process that not only grinds gears in HR but can clog up any business function.

But hey, let's talk email. Yes, that digital Pandora's box that we all have a love-hate relationship with. As archaic as it may sound, email can be our secret weapon to bridge the gap between mismatched tools. Today, we'll specifically delve into automating the tedious dance of HR data entry for time-off requests using a clever little trick involving email automation, courtesy of a nifty tool called Email Parser by Zapier. A huge shoutout to SmartSuite for sponsoring this digital wizardry showcase.

Step Into the Smartsuite of Automation

Remember the days of endless data entry? Scrapping that with email-powered automation starts with a clear understanding of your current process and the emails that serve as your data entry triggers. If you're already an old hand at manually combing through your inbox for those HR requests, you're set to hop on the automation bandwagon.

Let's unfold this sorcery step-by-step:

  1. Identify Your Trigger: Pin down the emails that spark the whole automation chain. Common indicators include specific language ("requested time off"), sender details, and subject lines. Have an example email handy—trust me, it's like having a cheat code for later steps.
  2. Destination Awaits: Where do we want our data to vacation? In our case, SmartSuite has a cozy little spot equipped with a pre-made template for time-off requests. But depending on your workflow, you might have to forge your template from scratch. The important thing? Have a home for your data in SmartSuite.
  3. Building Bridges with Zapier: Here's where we play matchmaker. We have two paths to link our email to SmartSuite—either coordinate a meet-cute through SmartSuite's own automation feature or coax them together with Zapier's third-party charm. The latter offers flexibility and plays nice with a whole host of other software, not just SmartSuite.
  1. Trigger Happy with Zapier: Creating a 'Zap'—Zapier's cutesy term for an automated workflow—is like teaching your software to play fetch with data. Define the trigger (your designated email), and Zapier's Email Parser will slice and dice that email to fit neatly into SmartSuite.
  2. Putting the Pieces Together: Like a data mosaic, we need to fit our parsed email bits into the appropriate SmartSuite fields. It's about precision. Assign 'Requested By', 'Date Range', 'Time Requested', and any additional notes their proper seats in SmartSuite.
  3. Testing, One, Two, Three: Before you unleash your automation into the wild, put it through its paces. Ensure that a test email gallantly gallops into a SmartSuite record just as planned.
  4. Contact List Lifesaver: To keep things running smoothly, save your Zapier Email Parser's address in your contact list. That way, when a time-off request comes in, it's a simple forwarding jig to your newly-minted email parser.
  5. SmartSuite Takes the Reins: Post-parser, SmartSuite can do some heavy lifting with its automation prowess. Whether it's notification nudges or defaults for reviewers, you can tailor further actions within SmartSuite to round off the process.

From Overwhelm To Overlord: Making HR Data Entry a Breeze

By now, you've seen the light. No more manual data entry drudgery. Zapier's Email Parser acts as a digital concierge, whisking time-off requests from your inbox straight into SmartSuite. It's like having a data-crunching butler at your beck and call.

And although we've focused on an HR example, this setup is versatile enough for any sort of email alert or process—be it accounts payable, client pleasantries, or whatever curveball your business throws your way. Just create a mailbox, identify those trigger emails, set up your fields, and watch as your workflow transforms from caveman club to laser-guided precision.

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And for those of you intrigued by the fusion of human resource processes and SmartSuite, don't you dare miss out on our next video. It offers a treasure trove of tips to kickstart your HR automation journey.

Thanks for tagging along, folks! Here's to a future of streamlined processes and reclaimed time—may the fine art of automation work wonders for you. And as always, enjoy the process.

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