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Enhanced Linked Records

Enhanced Linked Records

December 20, 2023

Enhanced Linked Records

SmartSuite, a leading work management platform, has recently released powerful updates to its linked records functionality. These enhancements aim to elevate workflows by enabling more control, efficiency, and organization when linking records.

Gareth from Gap Consulting, a SmartSuite implementation partner, published an insightful video walking through a deep dive of SmartSuite's new linked record capabilities. As an expert on no-code tools and work automation, Gareth highlights how these features can help users gain more value from SmartSuite.

Step Into the World of Enhanced Linked Records

The video explores three main upgrades to linked records in SmartSuite:

Discover Self-Linking Capabilities

The new self-linking functionality allows users to connect a record in SmartSuite to other records in that same database table. For example, self-linking can map out manager-employee relationships to visualize organizational hierarchies.

Smart Backlinks: A Game-Changer

With the new backlink toggle, reciprocal links between self-linked records can now be turned on or off. Instead of automatically creating two-way connections, users get to customize the visibility of links as needed.

Instantly Add New Records During Linking

Trying to link to a record that doesn't exist yet? No problem! Users can now instantly generate new records on the fly while in the linking interface. This cuts down the steps needed to create and connect records.

Navigate Like a Pro with Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts enhance the SmartSuite user experience by enabling hands-free navigation and faster linking. Skip the mouse, fly through workflows with arrow keys and Ctrl/Cmd + S saves.

Take Workflow Automation to the Next Level

Ready to leverage SmartSuite's continuous innovation? The platform's new linked records capabilities unlock game-changing productivity potential through increased flexibility and efficiency.

To experience the future of work management automation firsthand, start your free SmartSuite trial today!