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Assigning Granular Permissions in SmartSuite

Assigning Granular Permissions in SmartSuite

5 Minutes

December 28, 2022

If you're intrigued by the sophistication of SmartSuite’s permissions, keep reading, or watch the full video for an engaging walkthrough with Gareth from Gap Consulting.

Permission Primer: SmartSuite’s Flexible Controls

At the Solution Level

Let's kick things off by understanding permissions at the solution level—your gateway to team-wide access control. As the workspace admin or creator, you'll appreciate the leeway to modify access precisely as needed. Here's a glimpse of what you can do:

  • All Members Access: An all-encompassing access level that welcomes every team member into the fold of the solution.
  • Specific Teams Access: A clever use of the team feature in SmartSuite, allowing you to assign collective access to designated teams—saving you time and streamlining onboarding.

Pro Tip: Build teams with targeted access for an effortless workflow setup.

Digging Deeper with Advanced Permissions

SmartSuite lets you tailor user interfaces right down to individual permissions—ensuring you have control at your fingertips. With options ranging from 'Viewer' to 'Full Access', along with unique 'Assignee' and 'Contributor' roles, you can fine-tune access for each team member.

Application Level: A Close-up on Control

It's not just the broader solution that's in your command; individual applications within a solution are also yours to control. Inherit permissions from the solution level or override them as you see fit. This additional layer ensures the right eyes on the right content—without compromising on privacy or workflow integrity.

Permissions Fulfillment in Action

Here, let's walk through a typical scenario:

  • The ‘Consultants’ application is open to the team, but perhaps you wish to restrict the visibility of specific content, like consultant rates.
  • You decide to reserve this delicate piece of data for managerial eyes only, reinforcing confidentiality without hampering everyday operations.

On the Horizon: Field-Level Permissions

A feature to eagerly await in early 2023, SmartSuite will up the ante with field-level permissions, providing unparalleled control to protect sensitive data from unwarranted exposure. (Update - field level permissions are live in SmartSuite!)

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