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How to Build a CRM to Manage Prospects & Client Contracts in SmartSuite

How to Build a CRM to Manage Prospects & Client Contracts in SmartSuite

10 minutes

February 15, 2023

Greetings and a hearty welcome back to all our tech enthusiasts and diligent doers! Today, we dive headlong into an adventure of personalized technology by building your own CRM within the agile corners of Smartsuite. We've heard your calls, and they've echoed loudly in our collaborative spheres. Many of you are eager to see the theoretical made practical—specifically, a CRM tailored for the noble realm of nonprofits. Sit back, get cozy, and let's embark on this exploration together.

The Lively Introduction to Your CRM Odyssey

Imagine a world where managing your prospects and contracts doesn't involve trawling through endless piles of paperwork. We stand right at the cusp of such a reality, with SmartSuite serving as our digital craftsman. Before anything else, allow yourself to settle in and prepare to engage with this unique voyage that promises not only practical application but also an in-depth understanding of the nuances behind the tools at hand. Yes, those tuning in from every corner of the social media universe, we acknowledge and appreciate your presence—it's time we kicked off this live event with your host joining in, not as a mere voice in the digital wilderness but as your guide through the sprawling landscape of SmartSuite's CRM capabilities.

The Art of Building Your Meta-Tool in SmartSuite

There’s something enticing about the notion of constructing from scratch—a CRM that mirrors your heartbeat. Whether you've pledged allegiance to SmartSuite or you’re crafting strategies on paper, the pivotal essence lies in the functional processes and systems birthed into existence by your creativity. Brace yourselves as we address every cog and wheel that forms the architecture of this CRM—your personal toolkit for customer relationship excellence.

- Understanding the big picture- Dissecting CRM basics- Building basic CRM structures- Plus, some intriguing extras to look out for

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Sketching the CRM Blueprint: Frameworks and Functionality

Our whiteboard comes alive with visions of CRM applications sprawling like a city blueprint. It’s about more than just sales—it's about nurturing enduring relationships throughout a customer's entire timeline with your organization.

Imagine the customer journey as a roadmap, dotted with landmarks that represent stages in the relationship:

  • The identification of potential customers
  • Engagement with active members
  • Nurturing of past collaborators
  • Cultivation of ardent advocates

A CRM isn't just a record keeper. It's the grease in the gears of your customer cycle, ensuring a smooth and unobstructed flow from one stage to the next. It's about charting a course that aligns with customer needs and aligns with your organizational tenets.

From Theoretical Musings to Structural Realities in SmartSuite

Unveiling the rich possibilities within SmartSuite, we find two crucial pillars of CRM reflected in the 'Contacts' and 'Opportunities' apps. One is the beacon of relationship units; the other, the fulcrum of desired outcomes.

Yet the question arises: how do we construct these in the SmartSuite hierarchy?

A useful practice is nesting your CRM as a solution, cradling the core entities—'Contacts' (the very nexus of our CRM efforts) and 'Opportunities' (the tangible results we chase)—as separate, fully-fledged apps. The beauty of SmartSuite lies in the elasticity of its structure; there's no one-size-fits-all, but rather a spectrum of possibilities tailored to accommodate your varying demands and data intricacies.

Conversations from the Frontlines: Interacting with Your Queries

Join the dialogue as we plunge into your burning questions, bringing clarity to topics like aligning CRM applications within SmartSuite's flexible hierarchy and weighing the virtues of records against fields.

"Should CRM be an app or a solution?”

Consider the functionalities that rise from this inquiry like divers breaking the surface. Each element within SmartSuite—from solutions to individual records—carries its unique capabilities, contributing to the grand mosaic of your CRM framework.

The Exposition: CRM, a Tale of Actions and Information

We delve into a dual narrative where ‘Actions’—the directive segment of our CRM—and ‘Information’—the repository of our narrative—dual the lead roles.

In the theater of SmartSuite, you have a unique opportunity: to forge a CRM that honors both protagonists in a singular arena—eschewing a fragmented landscape where actions and information live estranged and apart.

Insightful Exchanges: Constructive Detours and Dilemmas Resolved

Take part in the community's discourse, unearthing gems like the conundrum of compliance and legacy systems, the embracing of agile work management tools to supplement immovable infrastructures, and the intricate considerations when managing contacts who wear multiple hats in your organizational narrative.

We tackle it all, with humor and humility, determined to demystify and deliver tangible strategies that resonate with your daily realities.

As we draw this elaborate tapestry to a close, remember that this narrative doesn't end here. Should you find yourself in need of a navigator as you chart your way through the vastness of CRM construction, know that support is but a beacon call away at Process Driven. Whether it’s employing our white-glove service to architect your systems or tapping into our repertoire of educational resources—your success in building a CRM in SmartSuite that embodies your vision is our quest.

To experience SmartSuite's key CRM benefits for yourself, start a free trial today and explore its intuitive work management platform.