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New Multi-Select Grid Controls

New Multi-Select Grid Controls

September 15, 2023

Welcome back, productivity enthusiasts! Avi Hersenberg here, your dedicated guide at Smartsuite, and I'm thrilled to share with you some pretty nifty updates that have come your way. Today, we're all about making your life easier with our latest and greatest multi-select grid controls. Get ready to learn how these new features can supercharge your SmartSuite experience!

Multi-Select with Ease

Imagine you're knee-deep in a SmartSuite grid view, surrounded by an ocean of records. Now, picture selecting those records, not painfully one by one, but in batches, swiftly and efficiently. That's right — with the new multi-select feature, you can grab multiple records at once by simply holding down the shift key and clicking. It's like the ctrl+click shortcut you've known and loved but turbocharged for your productivity needs.

And once you've got your selections on lockdown, here's where the magic happens.

With all your chosen records highlighted, you've now got the power at your fingertips to tweak statuses or tweak any field types right there, in line. Just think about it: one fell swoop and bam! All your selected entries are updated in unison. Talk about a time-saver!

New Controls to Power-Up Your Workflow

We all have those tried-and-true options we gravitate towards — the export to safeguard our data and the delete for some good ol' decluttering. But what if I told you there's more to explore?

### Duplicate Without the Hassle

Introducing duplicate, the newest kid on the block to make your grid control dreams come true. This nifty feature lets you replicate any records you've got your eye on, complete with all their data and field types. And here comes the cherry on top: if you've enabled "record title must be unique" in your settings, our system adds "copy" to the duplicated titles to keep everything neat and orderly. If uniqueness isn't your jam, though, feel free to bypass that and duplicate to your heart's content, no strings attached.

Just hit 'duplicate,' sit back, and watch the duplicates roll in. You'll also notice if you're on a duplicating spree, it'll add "copy," "copy 1," "copy 2," and so on, just to keep the party organized.

Clipboard Wizardry with Copy Records

But wait — we're not done yet. The copy records feature takes duplication to a whole new level, it's like having your own data-wand at the ready. With this function, you can copy those precious records straight to your clipboard.

What's next, you ask? Well, the possibilities are endless. Pop open a spreadsheet or jump into another SmartSuite app with a similar structure, and go to town with pasting those records. If your clipboard is overflowing with rows and columns, the software will even ask if you want to 'expand' them out — now that's sophistication at your service.

The Power of Feedback

As much as we're all about dishing out these smart tips, we're also about tuning in to what you've got to say. Your feedback is the compass that guides these updates and enhancements. So, as you give these new grid controls a whirl, drop us a line with your thoughts, and tell us what other topics you're hungry for. We’re here to make SmartSuite work smarter for you.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it, folks — a quick tour of the latest SmartSuite grid controls. It’s our mission to keep pushing the boundaries of what our tools can do for you because, at the end of the day, your efficiency is our top priority.

Until next time, keep optimizing and stay smart.

Remember, this is just a taste of what's in store with the new multi-select grid controls in SmartSuite. If you're as excited as we are about maximizing your productivity, make sure to try them out and see the difference for yourself. Keep your eyes peeled for more smart tips and updates. Happy selecting, copying, and duplicating!