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Use SmartSuite? You NEED to Know How to Use the Ply Extension...

Use SmartSuite? You NEED to Know How to Use the Ply Extension...

10 minutes

April 26, 2023

If you've recently jumped ship to SmartSuite, chances are the sleek design caught your eye. It's hard to miss, right? With its ample white space, crisp fonts, and an interface boasting those fashionably rounded corners, it's almost like work management software with a touch of sex appeal. Yes, you heard that right—it's the type of digital charm that snags your attention. But even with all this eye candy on display, did you know you could rev up SmartSuite's looks even more to match your personal workflow? That's what I'm diving into today.

Transforming SmartSuite with Ply: A Design Makeover

While SmartSuite dazzles users with its visually appealing interface, there's room for customization—thanks to a strategic partnership with Ply. Ply empowers you to integrate custom buttons, icons, and various interface tweaks that SmartSuite hasn't baked in. Take, for example, the earlier screenshot featuring the "Add to Google Calendar" button—that's Ply's handiwork, merged so seamlessly into SmartSuite it looks native. Go ahead and tweak the font here and colors there... Voilà! It becomes indistinguishable from its surroundings—blending in is Ply's party trick.

"Just because SmartSuite is aesthetically pleasing already doesn't mean you can't dial it up to fit your workflow perfectly."

Ply: The Early Stage Startup Shaping Your SmartSuite Experience

Ply, while still in its early startup phase, packs a punch by enabling you to inject elements into your existing tools with finessed integration. What's really cool about those Ply-enabled buttons? They're like magic wands for your workflow—setting off a domino effect of automated actions, modals, pop-ups, and even AI assistance to carry you through your next steps. Aimed primarily for internal use, Ply is a tool that's as versatile as it is innovative.

Sweetening the Deal: Ply’s Irresistible Price Tag

Now for the clincher—Ply is currently free. That's right, free! Combining a no-cost SmartSuite account with Ply's complimentary offer means you're setting up for workflow wizardry without even opening your wallet. If witnessing the time-saving wizardry I'll showcase later doesn't tempt you to sign on the dotted line, I'm not sure what will. So, huge thanks to SmartSuite for sponsoring and strategically partnering to bring this extension into the light.

Feeling intrigued? Check out the links below for SmartSuite and Ply sign-ups before this beta bonanza bids adieu.

Setting the Stage with SmartSuite and Ply

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of syncing SmartSuite with Ply, let me provide a sneak peek at what these Ply features do. Picture an IT helpdesk within SmartSuite—say we have a Ply-crafted button labeled "Request Missing Info." Tap it, and Ply assesses the current record, autogenerates an email draft to the client to gather additional details based on preset triggers. No extra keystrokes, no manual email drudgery.

Take another case—a Ply-placed icon in the time-off requests area of SmartSuite. Hit the icon, and boom, the leave request is immortalized on the company calendar instantly. Flick back to your Google Calendar, and there it stands, a new event added without a stroke of typing on your end.

Ready to roll up your sleeves and put Ply to work? Here's a step-by-step primer.

Seamless Setup: Integrating SmartSuite with Ply

  1. Sign up and Sync: Start by snagging your SmartSuite and Ply accounts through the links below. A little tip off —there may be some exclusive perks waiting for you down there.
  2. Chrome Extension Collaboration: Ply casts its spell through a Chrome extension—yep, also free. You'll need access to this wizardry, so hit the Chrome web store link below for your ticket to automation town.

With both SmartSuite and Ply ready to roll, your digital toolkit is about to get a serious upgrade. Let's get to work!

Crafting Your Custom SmartSuite Experience with Ply

Creating custom features, or "sequences" in Ply, is all about mapping out your ideal workflow. Tapping "New Feature" in Ply leads you down a path seamlessly tailored for SmartSuite synergy—from add-ons to elements, choose to integrate precisely what you need for maximum efficiency.

  1. Smart Integration: Tailoring Ply to nestle neatly within SmartSuite is a simple pick-and-play process. Once you've given Ply the go-ahead to connect with SmartSuite, aligning your SmartSuite solutions with Ply-powered elements is as smooth as it gets.
  2. Designing With Detail: Whether it's a bold button or a discreet icon, Ply hands the creative reins over to you. Design, place, and fine-tune these interface embellishments to create a perfectly personalized SmartSuite haven.

Ply-Powered Magic

Choose your feature, set it up, and let the automation begin. From extracting details from a helpdesk record for pinpointed communication to streamlining event creation on Google Calendar, Ply becomes your workflow sidekick, banishing monotonous manual tasks from your day.

Sharing the Superpower

Cog in the machinery as it is, Ply isn't just for solo shows. Features crafted within Ply can be shared across teams with a simple share button, multiplying the efficiency in one click. Ply’s access management means you have control over who gets to reap the rewards of your custom sequences.

The Final Word on Ply

Whether it's saving you a few precious minutes or reshaping your workflow landscape, Ply's potential when united with SmartSuite is boundless. And since it's part of the SmartSuite ecosystem, your data is tunneled dynamically into actions and automated sequences that make business operations hum with efficiency.

Embrace the Change With SmartSuite and Ply

Bolstering your SmartSuite with Ply might just remodel the way you work. Don't miss out on the chance to make the most of this dynamic duo while it's gratis.

For SmartSuite newbies or veterans alike, the integration with Ply is a tool poised to transform your operational cosmos. Click the links below, set the wheels in motion, and witness how SmartSuite and Ply will elevate your efficiency to celestial heights.

To experience SmartSuite & Ply's key benefits for productivity, start a free trial today and explore its intuitive work management platform.