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Streamlining Project Management with SmartSuite Automations

Streamlining Project Management with SmartSuite Automations

7 minutes

February 1, 2023

Overview of SmartSuite Automation for Linked Records

This video demonstrates how SmartSuite's automation tools can automatically create linked records when certain conditions are met. Specifically, it shows how to set up an automation that generates a new project record connected to the sales opportunity record that triggers it.

What does the automation do?

The key thing this automation achieves is connecting the sales team's opportunity records to the project management team's delivery process by automatically creating project records when opportunities turn into signed contracts.

Some of the benefits this provides:

  • Streamlines the handoff from sales to delivery
  • Gives visibility of sales history to project managers
  • Saves manual administrative effort of project spin up

How does the automation work?

The automation has 3 steps:

  1. Set a trigger - Trigger when an opportunity record changes to "Closed Won" status
  2. Create linked project - Generate a new project record and connect it back to the opportunity
  3. Populate project - Pull in details like name, due date, stage based on the opportunity

By linking using the title field and matching names, tight integration happens automatically.

Video Demo

The video includes a real-time demo showing the automation creating a properly linked and populated project when an opportunity gets closed.

Key success factors highlighted:

  • Project links back to the right opportunity
  • Due date uses a date formula based on close date
  • First project stage gets set automatically

Setting up automations like this can massively accelerate workflows, improve data consistency, and connect systems. This video provides an excellent template for getting started with more advanced automations.

To experience SmartSuite's automations, start a free trial today and explore its intuitive work management platform.