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Stop Paying for Whiteboarding Software—The Smart Solution is Here

Stop Paying for Whiteboarding Software—The Smart Solution is Here

10 minutes

February 12, 2024

Stop Paying for Whiteboarding Software—The Smart Solution is Here

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, it’s essential to have the right tools to foster collaboration and creativity in your team. If you're still shelling out cash for whiteboarding software in 2024, it's time to switch gears and take advantage of integrated solutions that are not only robust but also cost-effective.

Dan Leeman from Automation Helpers, your go-to source for getting your business optimized and harmoniously connected with cutting-edge tools like SmartSuite. We're passionate about making your work life smoother and your processes more streamlined.

SmartSuite: More Than Just Work Management

Let's zoom in on SmartSuite—the work management platform that's making waves with features that are all about efficient collaboration. Imagine a tool not unlike Notion, featuring versatile documents (Smart Docs), combined with a centralized communication center for comments and emails linked to your records.

Strong task management lets your team stay on track, while the member directory offers a peek at your colleagues' current projects. This isn't just about crossing off tasks on a list; it’s about bringing your team together in one symbiotic digital ecosystem.

Introducing the New Whiteboarding Feature

And now, the game-changer: SmartSuite's fresh-off-the-press whiteboarding feature, rolled out across every plan—including the complimentary tier. If you've yet to dip your toes into SmartSuite’s offerings, there's a straightforward start awaiting you.

Within a Smart Doc, a simple slash command unleashes the whiteboard, a versatile tool ripe for your process flowcharts and brainstorming sessions. Whether you’re diagramming business processes or mapping out project plans, the whiteboard is primed to serve as your digital canvas.

Drag and drop shapes and arrows with ease, and customize every element to suit the aesthetic of your brand or the tone of your project. Style it sketched or polish it to professionalism—the choice is yours.

The Power User's Dream: Keyboard Shortcuts

For those familiar with the digital dance of layout and design, keyboard shortcuts are the secret sauce to productivity. No longer are you confined to the endless clicks of a mouse. A tap of the question mark key (?), and a treasure trove of shortcuts materilizes, streamlining your workflow.

Dynamic Text Injection: Say Goodbye to Repetitive Tasks

But the delights of SmartSuite's whiteboard feature don't end there. Let's talk dynamic content—imagine injecting live record data, such as an onboarding date, right into your flowchart. The result? Current, contextual diagrams that update themselves. This isn't just a static image; it's an evolving entity that mirrors your real-time data.

Components for the Win: Create Once, Use Everywhere

Saving and reusing your masterfully crafted components isn't just a convenience—it's a necessity for nimble work. By adding selections to your personal library, repurposing your elements is as simple as a drag and drop, regardless of where in SmartSuite you're working.

For the Tech-Savvy: Mermaid and Excalidraw Integration

Advanced users, rejoice! With support for mermaid diagramming language, your textual descriptions transform into intricate diagrams with just a few keystrokes. It's not sorcery—it's SmartSuite harnessing the power of Excalidraw to breathe life into your technical specifications.

Moreover, the world of Excalidraw extends beyond a single platform. Access a repository of community-contributed libraries—an endless supply of icons and resources that bring your technical diagrams to the next level.

Embrace the power of integration. SmartSuite white boarding is just the beginning. Let us help you unlock your business's full potential—  start a free trial today and explore our work management platform.