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SmartSuite AI: Work Faster in SmartDocs

SmartSuite AI: Work Faster in SmartDocs

8 minutes

May 3, 2023

Harnessing the Power of AI to Supercharge Your Workflow

In a riveting update from the SmartSuite leadership team, the commitment to AI (Artificial Intelligence) integration in their platform has peaked with fervor and excitement. Breaking new ground, SmartSuite is tapping into the omnipotence of native AI, priming users to accelerate their productivity without stepping outside the platform’s ecosystem. Today, we’ll peel back the curtain on the first of these trailblazing advancements: SmartDocs, optimized by AI to help you blaze through tasks with incredible efficiency.

AI-Enabled Capabilities: A Sneak Peek

As someone who’s been granted beta access, I’m thrilled to deliver a first-hand account of SmartSuite’s AI-enhanced prowess. For those early viewers eager to harness these capabilities, fret not—this feature is gearing up to be rolled out to all SmartSuite aficionados in the near future.

Setting the AI Stage in SmartSuite

First thing's first: hop into your SmartSuite account, and select a suitable solution. In our case study, let’s consider a solution dubbed "Video Content Ideas." Imagine you're conjuring up fresh content ideas—AI can play a pivotal role in crafting your script, whether for blogging, videos or any content medium under the sun.

The SmartDoc Field: Unleashing Creativity with AI

To ride this wave of innovation, acquaint yourself with a special field type: the SmartDoc. This field is essentially a versatile document interface nestled within SmartSuite, akin to Google Docs or Microsoft Word but designed to synchronize seamlessly with the suite's functionalities.

The Mechanics of Crafting a SmartDoc

Creating a title and setting a publication date is a breeze. The real magic happens as you utilize SmartDoc to outline your content. You can swiftly add headers, jot down ideas, and revel in the ability to collapse and expand sections for focus, all within a familiar rich text environment.

AI Integration with SmartDocs: A Future Unfolding

Now let's transition to the piéce de résistance—AI interaction within the SmartDoc. With a blank canvas ahead of us, AI capabilities can be beckoned with a simple hover and click: the luminous "Ask AI" button.

Ready, Set, AI!

Upon activation, you're presented with quick prompts ready to assist you: writing summaries, generating action items, enhancing clarity, or even correcting mistakes. But why stop there? Let's embark on an interactive journey—request AI to brainstorm topics, create outlines, or weave tales.

For instance, ask AI to devise topics for a video on utilizing AI in SmartSuite, and watch in awe as it conjures up relevant subjects and bullet points quicker than a keystroke. If you desire to drill deeper, highlight a section and command the AI to generate action items or continue your thoughts naturally and contextually.

Inserting AI into the SmartSuite Ecosystem

Each nugget of AI-generated wisdom can then be directly embedded into your SmartDoc, enriching each record with personalized and comprehensive insights. Whether it's articulating formulas in SmartSuite or crafting compelling blog content, the AI is at your service.

The Promise of AI in SmartSuite: Just the Beginning

Thrilling as this AI-driven SmartDoc feature may be, let it be known that this is merely the beginning. With two additional, even more ground-breaking AI functionalities in the pipeline, SmartSuite is poised to redefine the landscape of workflow automation.

To ensure you don't miss a beat on these upcoming unveilings, make sure to subscribe and stay tuned for future deep-dives as we continue to build, innovate, and transform how you work.

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