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Use SmartSuite Forms to Update Existing Records: Your Ultimate Guide

Use SmartSuite Forms to Update Existing Records: Your Ultimate Guide

9 minutes

May 3, 2023

Usually, we're all about creating new entries with forms, but if you're part of the SmartSuite squad, today's discussion is going to hit differently. You might be wondering, can SmartSuite forms do more than just add new data? Absolutely, and that's what we're delving into today – updating records that already exist.

Casual, Accessible, and In-Depth

Before we dive deep into our topic, let's set the stage. Our guide today is casual, making complex techy stuff feel like a chat over coffee. We're not throwing heavy jargon at you. Instead, we’re decoding the SmartSuite magic in simple, everyday language. If you've dabbled in data management, love a good form, or are part of the SmartSuite universe, this is crafted for you. Sit back, sip that coffee, and let's roll!

Updating Records: The Why and The How

Why Update Records?

Guess what? Data changes. Maybe your clients move office, switch numbers, or heaven forbid, change their coffee preferences. Keeping track of all these changes is crucial, lest you send that finely curated coffee basket to the wrong address.

How SmartSuite Makes It Easy

SmartSuite forms are real MVPs when making a new contact or account. But let's not overlook their power to keep things current. It's not just a default feature you find lying around, but with a bit of tweaking, it's totally doable. So how do we go from static to dynamic with SmartSuite? Let's get our hands dirty with an example.

Create a Dedicated Table for Form Submissions

For starters, you need a space to capture the updates. In SmartSuite lingo, we're talking about a brand-spanking-new table for form submissions. Design this form with fields mirroring your current 'Contacts' table but add a twist – include fields you expect to update, like the ever-migrating 'Address'.

Identifying Records Like a Pro

The glue that bonds your form submission to the existing record? A unique identifier. Imagine a secret handshake between your data points. For contacts, an email is often the golden ticket; it's (usually) unique, like a digital fingerprint.

Automations: The Behind-the-Scenes Hero

Automations are your invisible ninjas. They wait in the backdrop, ready to pounce when a form is submitted, scanning your 'Contacts' table with hawk-eyed precision. They spot the matching email and – voilà – the address updates automatically. It's really a thing of beauty.

Automation Logic:1. Trigger: Form submission event2. Find record in 'Contacts' where submitted email matches3. Update 'Address' field with new data from form

A Real-World Run-Through

Okay, let's paint a picture. Assume I zap over a form to our clients once a year (or when they let us know things have changed). They pop in and hit us with the update – "New office, who dis?". Back in SmartSuite, my submission catches this and our automation leaps into action. I'm showing you this with my own contact info as an example – – and a change of address. Hit submit and like those cooking shows, here's one I prepared earlier. We swoop back to the 'Contacts' and there it is, the address field with a fresh coat of paint.

Confirming Your Automation Triumph

One does not simply trust an automation without double-checking. Swan dive into your automation history to bask in the success. Line by line, it tells the tale of a contact record located and updated. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Beyond Contacts: The World is Your Oyster

Don't fence yourself in with contacts – projects, opportunities, resources, you name it, you can update it. Flexibility is the cornerstone of great data management, after all.

We're Here For You

Got a burning SmartSuite question or an automation conundrum? Give us a shout at We're dishing out a 30-minute consult, on the house, ready to unlock your data’s potential.

Wrapping It Up

We've taken the path less traveled – updating records, not just creating them. It's these nuances that take our data game from good to spectacular. Remember, data is alive, and keeping it up to date is as effortless as SmartSuite forms make it out to be.

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