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Softr + SmartSuite 🔥 New Integration & How to Build an Interface

Softr + SmartSuite 🔥 New Integration & How to Build an Interface

10 minutes

November 13, 2023

Let's face it – managing work with one tool while trying to create an interface with another can be like juggling apples and oranges. But what if you could easily get them to play nice together? Well, get ready for a game-changer because Softr and SmartSuite are now integrated! 🎉

Thanks to this integration, the robust work management capabilities of SmartSuite join forces with Softr's stellar application-building environment, setting the stage for a productivity powerhouse.

If you haven’t dived into either tool yet, click on our affiliate links in the description to start your journey. Now, let me show you how to marry these two platforms for an efficient workflow starting with SmartSuite's project management template – a personal favorite, although any template or custom solution you've built works as well.

Sync Users with Ease

First stop, Softr's workspace settings. That’s where the magic begins.

Navigate to 'Data Sources' and select SmartSuite to link up if you're logged in already. Easy-peasy!

Next, we’re rolling up our sleeves to create a spanking new application from scratch. Once you're in the application's dashboard, jump to the 'Users’ tab to bring in your team's info from SmartSuite.

Here's the cool part, folks – we have a thing called guest access on SmartSuite. It’s a nifty little solution because not everyone needs a full-blown license to use our app. You map out the user fields, generate a magic link for authentication, and voila – your users are synced!

User-Driven Visibility

SmartSuite's got this neat feature where user roles like clients, consultants, and admins can be tagged using single selects. Now, why is this useful, you ask? It gives us the superpower to control visibility within our Softr app. It’s like an access card for your virtual space, guaranteeing everyone gets to see only what they need.

"Take control of your space. You decide who gets access to what in your app – It's as simple as that."

As admins, we ought to see all the projects, right? Clients, on the other hand, should stick to their tasks. That’s why Softr's visibility settings and conditional logic are absolute gems. They ensure that admins see everything, but everyone else stays in their lanes.

Sleek Project Dashboards

Now, let's build out the interface beginning with a 'Projects' page. In Softr, adding pages is a breeze, and customizing them is quite intuitive.

Imagine vertical cards neatly laid out with images, budgets, and descriptions – that’s what we're constructing here by connecting to SmartSuite's data. Filtering by project health or "stoplight status" lets us see everything at a glance.

Click 'Preview' at any time, and you're treated to a real-time view of what users will experience. You’ll see things from the eyes of different roles, ensuring everything is neat and tidy for each type of user.

Creating Task Pages for Clients

Remember how we said clients should focus on their tasks? Here’s where we introduce them to the ‘Tasks’ page. Clients can check out their to-do's, and we make sure it only shows what’s relevant to them thanks to email-based conditional visibility.

Back in SmartSuite, an email field linked to a client and a task ensures that clients are matched to their tasks. In Softr, we set conditions to match logged-in users to their email addresses, and – poof! Only Greg Guest sees Greg Guest's tasks.

Project Details & Navigation

We're not done yet! Crafting a detailed project page that drills down into task specifics is next. Linking actions to project cards elevates the user experience by opening a detailed view when clicked.

Ultimately, the navigation is the backbone of your app's user experience. Adding your newly minted pages to the menu solidifies the app's structure, guiding your users seamlessly from point A to point B.

Wrapping Up

There you have it – a peek into combining the force of Softr's interface ease with SmartSuite’s data depth. From access control to navigation, this integration is set to streamline your processes effortlessly.

To experience SmartSuite's key benefits for yourself, start a free trial today and explore its intuitive work management platform.