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How Accountants Use SmartSuite to Manage Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Tax Forms

How Accountants Use SmartSuite to Manage Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Tax Forms

10 minutes

November 28, 2022

This showcase highlights how accountants are using SmartSuite to manage their clients + bookkeeping,  payroll, and taxes.

This Video's Chapters:

0:15 - Introduction to SmartSuite for task management and CRM
- Overview of the six relevant apps
- Account management app and its features
- CRM information and contacts for specific accounts
- Introduction to bookkeeping and its relationships
- Services managed by accountants (bookkeeping, payroll, taxes)
- Overview of the master bookkeeping list and grouping by account
- Payroll and taxes
- Automations for creating bookkeeping records
- Completing tasks, assigning, and updating statuses for bookkeeping records
- Automations for creating future records or based on status changes
- Managing taxes and different tax forms
- Automations for creating tax records and using checklists
- Recap of SmartSuite benefits for accountants (task management, CRM capabilities)

Video Details: 

Introduction and Overview of SmartSuite for Accountants:

• Overview of how accountants use Smart Suite for task management and CRM

•Mention of six relevant apps: accounts, bookkeeping, payroll, taxes, account management, opportunities

General Information in Account Management

• Tracking account status, services provided, manager, frequency of bookkeeping, and entity type for tax determination

CRM Type Information and Contacts

• Managing CRM-related information for specific accounts

• Storing and organizing contact details for each account

Bookkeeping Records and Tasks

• Linking bookkeeping records to specific accounts

• Tracking bookkeeping status, tasks, due dates, and completion percentage

• Customizing checklists based on the month and automations for record creation

Payroll and Taxes

• Similar structure to bookkeeping with records linked to accounts

• Tracking payroll and taxes status, checklists, and due dates

• Setting up recurring tasks and automations for record creation

Managing Account Notes and Action Items

• Utilizing the account management app for notes and task management

• Tracking one-off tasks and action items for specific accounts

Opportunities and Metrics

• Managing sales opportunities for potential clients

• Tracking metrics and additional information related to opportunities

File Attachments and Logos

• Attaching relevant files, logos, and attachments to accounts

Task Management and Automation

• Explaining the automation setup for creating bookkeeping, payroll, and tax records

• Creating recurring tasks and utilizing formulas for record creation

• Customizing checklists and triggering automations based on specific criteria

Benefits of SmartSuite for Accountants

• Highlighting the task management and CRM capabilities

• Centralized view of account-related information and actions

• Accessing past bookkeeping records and activity history