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What's New in SmartSuite: April 2023 Edition

What's New in SmartSuite: April 2023 Edition

15 minutes

April 4, 2023

As always, our team has been working to bring you the latest updates to our platform. This past month has been particularly exciting as we released a number of enhancements to our product that were directly requested by our customers.

Let's dive into some of the exciting product updates we released this month including Conditional Forms, Document Designer updates, Communication Center updates, and My Work for Guests. Be sure to check out our community happenings below and valuable resources to help you get the most out of SmartSuite.

Product Updates

Conditional Forms

Simplify form-making using conditional forms. Show fields depending on earlier inputs, hiding extra fields until needed, which helps users finish forms faster. Form conditions let you set rules that must be followed before revealing certain fields.

Learn how to make your forms more user-friendly and efficient by using conditional fields. With this feature, you can set specific conditions and parameters that must be met before displaying a certain field. This way, users can complete forms faster and with greater accuracy. For example, you can set a follow-up question based on a user's previous response and capture it using a Text Area field. This feature supports various field types such as Currency, Date, Multiple Select, Number, and more.

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Document Designer Enhancements

Upgrade Your Document Creation Process with Document Designer Enhancements. Our new multi-paged Document Designer streamlines your document creation process, allowing you to create a document template that combines visual elements like lines, boxes, and static text with fields from your SmartSuite records. You can use your templates to create PDFs that include values from specific records in your App.

Make document creation faster and easier with the latest updates to our Document Designer. The new multi-page feature allows you to create longer documents with ease. The update also includes improved image handling, which makes it easier to upload, crop, and position images within your documents. In addition, filtering for linked record fields helps to create dynamic and customized documents with ease.

Document Designer is currently still in the ALPHA release. We're working hard to further refine it and will keep the community updated on its progress.

What Can I Use Document Designer For?

Document Designer can be used to create, manage, and track sales and marketing proposals, contracts, quotes, and other important documents. You can use it to streamline your document workflow and eliminate manual processes, such as manual data entry, document approval, and PDF generation. With its drag-and-drop editor, you can easily create documents in minutes. You can integrate Document Designer into your CRM, accounting, and other business workflows to automate your sales and document management processes.

Here are a few ideas to put all this power to work:

  • Create sales proposals from opportunity records
  • Generate an invoice from order data
  • Produce a project status report automatically from project status information
  • Create contract templates that insert client information directly into the document

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Communication Center Updates

Enhance your communication with the new Communication Center feature that lets you create and manage templates for your emails.

With this update, you can customize your emails with fields such as TO, CC, and BCC, as well as lookup fields. This feature makes it easier to communicate with stakeholders within a specific record, streamlining your workflow and saving you time.

Enabling Email Communication:

Open the Settings panel in Communication Center and toggle the Emails option on to enable email messaging. With email enabled users can easily see all of their comments and emails in one place, or choose to sort them separately. Users can send new email messages, and can use pre-created templates and content from the record to enhance their message. All replies are automatically brought back into the Communication Center and are displayed in the record the original email was sent from.

Sending an Email:

SmartSuite's Communication Center not only enables users to send and receive emails, but also streamlines the communication process with pre-created templates. These templates can be fully customized with text, formatting, fields of information, and even attachments to enhance the message being sent. Once the template is created, users can select it from the list and the information will automatically populate the email. Users then have the option to make modifications before sending the email.

Managing Templates

Users have the ability to turn any email they're creating into a template or create/manage templates from the template management UI. This allows for efficient and consistent communication processes, especially for teams with a high volume of similar messages.

SmartSuite's Communication Center now offers an all-in-one solution for record-related communication with the ability to send and receive emails, manage templates, and streamline the communication process. We are excited to see how this new feature will improve collaboration and productivity for our users.

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My Work for Guests

Give guest users more control and flexibility with the updated My Work feature. They can now update the status of their projects and tasks without relying on a paid user to make changes for them. This feature improves collaboration and streamlines the workflow, making it easier for users to track the progress of their projects and tasks.

The Guest user role is a free user type who has limited access to the system's features and functions. They are able to view and comment on records they've been assigned through our Assigned To field, and through our "My Work" feature are able to change the associated status of what they've been assigned.

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Enhancements we are actively working on...

  • Webhook Triggers & Actions for Automations
  • Home Page Solution Grouping
  • New Formula Functions
  • Use Document Designer Templates in Automation Actions and Directly from a Record
  • Create New Solution from an existing Airtable Base
  • Gantt View
  • Multi-user Collaborative Edit for SmartDoc
  • Support Multiple Complete Status Values in Status Field

View our product roadmap to see all exciting enhancements planned and in progress or to make a feature request of your own!

Upcoming Events

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April 12th @ 8:00 AM PT

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Hosted by: Customer Onboarding Specialist Emma Montgomery

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Successful No Code Implementation: Start to Finish
April 19th @ 8:00 AM PT

Finding, exploring, purchasing, and implementing a new no-code tool can be hard to execute. Learn how to successfully implement a no-code solution, start to finish using SmartSuite.

Hosted by: Senior Account Executive, Jeff Gonzalez & Customer Onboarding Specialist Emma Montgomery

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Construction < > SmartSuite: Many Tools for the Job, One Tool For The Process
April 25th @ 8:00 AM PT

Our partner and no-code expert, Zach Stevenson, will share his solution to manage a construction/trade business specifically projects/assignments, timesheets, and a maintenance tracker for any equipment/vehicles.

Hosted by: Partner Zach Stevenson of Innerdev Tech Solutions

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