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Create a Client Portal in SmartSuite

Create a Client Portal in SmartSuite

10 minutes

April 3, 2023

Today we're diving into the seemingly complex, yet utterly rewarding world of creating a custom client portal in SmartSuite. Are you jazzed up about the new third-party integrations like Softer and the SmartSuite-centric EasyPortal? You're not alone! But hold on to your hats, because we're going to uncover the might of SmartSuite's native capabilities, showing you that sometimes the best solution is already at your fingertips.

Understanding the SmartSuite Edge

Before we plunge headlong into the nuts and bolts, it's crucial to grasp why you might not even need a third-party service. While such integrations can be beneficial, SmartSuite inherently boasts a litany of features that might just tick all your boxes on their own. The crux of it is: whether you need a temporary stopgap or a steadfast, long-term solution, SmartSuite has got your back. So, buckle up as we take a peek at some top-tier strategies to tailor that portal to perfection.

Turning the Blueprint into Reality

Alright, picture this: A sleek project management suite, versatile across industries and brimming with apps up top. Sounds like a dream, right? However, this all-you-can-eat buffet of functionality isn't what your clients should feast on. They need a curated, easy-to-digest overview – invoices, tasks, and a snapshot of your project milestones without the company kitchen sink. And how do we provision this VIP access? Guest access, folks.

The Mighty Field Types of SmartSuite

Here's where the magic happens. Wary of mixing your internal task masters with guest viewers? Worry not. SmartSuite allows you to conjure additional 'Assigned To' fields, so you can segregate with finesse. A nifty touch to maintain clarity in who's doing what and for whom.

Dashboard Delight

Now, remember those dashboards – nifty little things, aren't they? SmartSuite's dashboards are more than just pretty faces; they're veritable information hub. Initially, I toyed with lodging ours in the project app, a classic move. But I thought, "Why overwhelm our dear clients?" So, I took a sharp turn and crafted a minimalist, purpose-built solution – the 'Client Portal'.

Within this sanctuary, clients are greeted not with a barrage of apps, but with exactly what they need. It's all about tailoring the experience, and what a difference it makes, from alleviating potential confusion to upping the efficiency bar.

A Glimpse into the Portal's Heart

Imagine your clients, logging in to find a personalised dashboard bristling with data. A pie chart here, a grid there, and voila – tasks and completion statuses unfurled before them. Plus, those pesky but precious invoices? They're just a click and download away, set for accounting ease.

But wait, there's a twist – clients can't edit or update directly. "How could this work, Dan?" I hear you ask. Behold, the form submission extravaganza! Through a well-placed form, clients can anonymously sling requests into the system, spawning data and tasks without tinkering directly with existing records.

Flip the Perspective

Here's where we pivot to the pièce de résistance – viewing the portal through the clients' eyes. Imagine logging out, stepping into their shoes, and navigating straight to this bespoke space. Tasks aligned, invoices at the ready, and the simplicity of a streamlined dashboard. This is how you make clients feel like royalty without the royal pains of extra tools cluttering their court.

Wrapping It Up - Native Brilliance

Folks, we've traversed the terrain of creating a SmartSuite client portal that encompasses everything from accessibility to empowering clients, all the while keeping third-party tools in our back pocket.

So, cheers to unlocking the full potential of SmartSuite – here's to your native solution!

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