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How to Email from Within a Record in SmartSuite

How to Email from Within a Record in SmartSuite

Enhance Project Management with Integrated Emailing in SmartSuite

June 2, 2023

Hello everybody! Avi Hersenberg here, the head of partnerships at SmartSuite, and I'm thrilled to dive into a feature that's going to kick your project management game up a notch.

Communication at Your Fingertips

If you've been using SmartSuite, you know that each record comes with a handy comments stream for internal chat. But did you know you can extend this communication beyond your organization's walls? That’s right, folks—you can email directly from a record, and receive replies back into the same stream. No more switching windows or tabs; everything is in one place.

Here's the scoop on how it works: head over to any record in SmartSuite, and take a peek at the top where you'll find the communication center. This is your mission control for chats and emails alike. Clicking here drops you right in the middle of the conversation—talk about convenience!

Setting It Up

Don't see the email tab? No worries. Simply slide into settings and toggle on the email functionality. This is a per-solution feature, so you have total control over where it's activated. Once you're set up, watch how seamlessly you can jump between comments and emails—or view them together in a unified stream.

Crafting Emails Like a Pro

Need to start a new conversation? Sending an email is just a click away. Here's a cool trick—if an email is part of the record already, it'll show as a default recipient. And yes, you can sprinkle in more contacts, or even add some in the CC and BCC fields.

Now, these emails don’t just shoot out into the ether; they're sent from an alias linked to your user name. Want a different display name? All it takes is a quick update to your Smartsuite user settings—no need to link your personal inbox or do any extra legwork.

Dynamic Content

Ready to fill the subject line? Take advantage of dynamic fields to auto-populate details from your record. Personalize your message by including each recipient's name or any other relevant data. Who said emails couldn't have a personal touch?

Don't worry, we didn't skimp on formatting options—you've got a whole suite at your disposal. And for those attachments, choose from files already in the record or upload fresh ones as needed.

Templates: Your Email Secret Weapon

Here's where things get spicy: email templates. Ever had to send similar emails over and over again? With SmartSuite, you can create dynamic templates—think rejection letters, interview invites—and fire off polished emails in a flash.

The Two-Way Street

Let's say you've sent your email—it's out there, doing its thing. But what happens when you get a reply? It doesn't scatter to your regular inbox; no, my friend, it comes right back into the SmartSuite record. It’ll pop up in the notification center, so you're always in the loop.

This duality of internal and external communication is where SmartSuite shines. Imagine having all your team's comments alongside client emails attached to the right record. Insights, decisions, feedback—all there, crystal clear.

Banishing Silos

Our vision for the communication center is grand. We’re talking expanding beyond email to include text, WhatsApp, and more. The end goal? To craft a context-rich platform where communication meets clarity.

With everything tied to the right record, finding what you need—when you need it—becomes a breeze. Context is king, and we’ve built a castle for it to sit on its throne.

Your Voice Matters

We're always keen on feedback and new ideas for the communication center. Play around with it, push its limits, and let us know what you think. Your insights can spark the next great feature!

So there you have it—emailing from within a record in SmartSuite. It's about streamlining, simplifying, and bringing context to the forefront of communication. Give it a spin and see just how much smoother your workflow feels. And remember, we're here and eager to hear how you're harnessing this power in your daily operations.