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How to Highlight Data In SmartSuite

How to Highlight Data In SmartSuite

September 6, 2023

Hey there, SmartSuite fans and productivity enthusiasts! Today, I'm super excited to share with you an awesome feature within our SmartSuite family — the spotlight feature. This nifty tool lets you add a splash of color to your data, taking your organizational game to the next level. So, let's jump in and see how to color our world in SmartSuite.

Understanding the Spotlight Feature

Imagine you're staring at a sea of data – rows upon rows, or maybe it's neatly arranged in cards or spread out in a calendar view. No matter the layout, it can still feel overwhelming, right? That's where the spotlight feature steps in to save the day. By highlighting records with specific colors based on certain conditions, your data not only becomes more appealing but also infinitely more digestible.

How Does It Work?

When you're diving into SmartSuite, you can summon the spotlight feature to work its magic. You'll set conditions in which you choose which field type should meet a specific condition, and based on that, you'll decorate the record with a color of your choice. Imagine you're an artist and each record is a canvas awaiting your colorful touch.

Grid View and Calendar View: Seeing Things Clearly

Whether you're viewing your data in a grid or checking out deadlines in a calendar, spotlighting can be tailored to suit your needs. If it's grid view you're after, you might choose to highlight an entire record or just a single field. It's like spotlighting the lead in a play while the rest of the cast fades into the background.

In our example, we're using a calendar view to manage a content calendar within a marketing plan. A single glance and I can differentiate our smart type videos marked in regal purple, partner videos in cool blue, or Nate's showcase episodes in a lively green. Blog articles, scheduled items, and those waiting for review — each gets its own hue in the spotlight rainbow.

Color Coding Content Categories

Imagine this: you're sorting through your content calendar, wrestling with managing different types of posts. One glance at the colorful display and you can instantly tell apart a social post, a blog entry, or a video. It's like assigning a flavor to each type of candy in your mix, and just as sweet for your organizational tastebuds!

Taking the Complexity Out of Comprehension

The beauty of spotlighting is in its simplicity. Gone are the days of sifting through columns and squinting at text. With the spotlight feature, your eyes are immediately drawn to colors that signify meaning – your brain does the rest, piecing together the story each color tells.

The Versatility of Spotlighting Across Views

Here's the cherry on top: you're not tied down to using the spotlight feature in just one type of view. Our versatile tool stretches across every view SmartSuite offers. Grid view, card view, combined view, or calendar — each can be a canvas for your spotlighting artistry.

"By highlighting records with specific colors based on certain conditions, your data not only becomes more appealing but also infinitely more digestible."

Spotlight in Action: Making Your Data Pop

Let's consider you're planning your company's social media presence. You've got posts at various stages of completion — some are drafts, some queued up, and others already out wowing your audience. Using the spotlight feature, you could assign:

  • Yellow for drafts needing a sparkle of inspiration
  • Green for posts ready to go live
  • Red for those urgent edits
  • Blue for the crown jewels, the posts already sharing your brand's story with the world

Why the Spotlight Feature Is a Game Changer

In the whirlwind world of data and deadlines, it's easy to feel lost. Our brains are wired to process visual information far quicker than text. That's why spotlighting in SmartSuite isn't just about making things pretty — it's about linking that processing power to efficiency. When each color stands for something, your workflow isn't just streamlined – it's supercharged.

Conclusion: Brighten Up Your Work Life

As you can see, the spotlight feature in SmartSuite can transform your work life from a grayscale movie to a full-color masterpiece. It's about clarity, efficiency, and a dash of fun, ensuring that you stay on top of your tasks with ease and style.

So that's the lowdown on the spotlight feature — an essential part of the SmartSuite toolkit. If you found this tip useful, stick around for more Smart Suite wisdom. And don't forget to drop us a line about what you want to see covered in future Smart Tips. Here's to working smarter, not harder!

Loved this post? Ready to take your SmartSuite experience to the next level with the spotlight feature? Share your before-and-after stories in the comments and spread the color-coded love!