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How to Optimize Your Marketing Workflows

How to Optimize Your Marketing Workflows

3 minutes

November 4, 2021

Marketing is inherently a creative profession. But the greatest idea can fall flat if you don’t have the right marketing workflow system.

In other words, every marketing professional needs marketing workflow tools to keep projects and large-scale initiatives on-time and on-budget. Whether you’re embarking on a multi-million dollar product launch, planning a customer event, or simply scheduling some new creative for social media, you need a system to keep it all flowing smoothly. Companies today are struggling with multiple project management platforms. Even the “all-in-one” solutions can be complex and fragmented.

Many people are involved in every marketing process.

  • Growth and revenue leaders who set high-level goals and oversee KPIs
  • Creative team members and independent contractors who come up with brilliant ideas
  • Marketing specialists like demand-gen experts, social media pros, graphic designers, and countless others who collaborate to make ideas come alive
  • Financial professionals who track budgets and spending
  • HR professionals who may be responsible for finding the talent to make it all happen, keep morale high, and bring company culture to life

Although all of you may work for or with the same company, having the right marketing workflow automation can accelerate and simplify the work that you do. Think of it as the difference between a group of people living in the same neighborhood versus living together under the same roof.

A ‘Home’ That’s Custom Designed for Marketing Professionals

Let’s take that analogy one step further. When you’re working on a marketing campaign, you need to know what the ultimate objective is and what KPIs you must achieve. Plus, every project typically has a budget associated with it and you need to keep track of your “weekly allowance.” If you don’t know what those measures are or you have to hunt for them every time you need them, that results in confusion and time wasted.

Collaboration is more important than ever before. As companies move to remote work, your “family members” may be living in other rooms, so being able to communicate with them, check in on key decisions, and celebrate successes is critical. The right marketing automation system can simplify that process. Sharing documents, digital assets, and schedules needs to be super-easy in order to save time, reach agreement on key decisions, and move projects forward.

If your (metaphorical) Aunt Sally is supposed to feed and walk your dog one day but doesn’t have the key to the house, problems may ensue. In a marketing automation system, “permissions” is the equivalent of access. Every marketing professional who needs to get into a schedule, know where the food is stored, and find what they're looking for should be able to do that without asking lots of questions or poking around.

SmartSuite has designed a platform that’s super-intuitive. You can easily walk into a stranger’s “house” and know immediately where to find what you need to get the job done.

Go With the Flow

A marketing workflow is that chain of events that ultimately leads to the end goal. Let’s get back to Aunt Sally. She can’t feed the dog unless someone has shopped for dog food. The walk probably entails a leash. Knowing all the parts that are required to make something happen in marketing is way more complex than feeding and walking Fifi, but you get the general idea. Collaborative teams need to all live and work under the same roof with the same system, and communicate regularly to ensure a smooth flow.

Managing that system should be easy and even fun. Think about how many marketing projects you’ve worked on over the years that may have been derailed because people can’t find what they’re looking for, have misunderstandings about schedules or budgets, or simply don’t even know who else is working on the project or where to go with questions. Collaborative automation may not always lead to “one big happy family,” but it drastically reduces confusion, helps projects (big and small) run more smoothly, and ensures that team members have everything they need -- all under one roof.

Get the key to your new “home.” Make Marketing more effective today. Click here to learn more!

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