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How to Create and Manage Recurring Tasks in Smartsuite

How to Create and Manage Recurring Tasks in Smartsuite

7 Minutes

February 15, 2023

Are you weaving through your workday hoping to keep tabs on recurring tasks and deadlines with SmartSuite? You're in luck because we're delving deep into that very feature today.


Recurring tasks are the backbone of any thriving project or process management. Like clockwork, they keep your deliverables on track, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks of your planning. SmartSuite reigns supreme in the kingdom of no-code tools by offering you the flexibility to tailor your task management framework. Whether you're a seasoned user or new to the platform eager to sculpt streamlined workflows, this blog post marches you through two distinct methodologies that will upend how you nip those recurring tasks in the bud.

Method One: Default Checklists for New Records

Imagine automatically populating a list of tasks each time a new record springs to life. That's the power of default checklists within SmartSuite. Here's how you can set it up:

  1. Start by accessing your sales CRM or any other SmartSuite template.
  2. Find or create a checklist field and make your way to the default setting.
  3. Enter the tasks that must occur whenever a new record is created.

"Users can modify or delete default entries, but if your process demands consistency, toggle on the setting to keep your template untouched."

Assigning Tasks:

Assign due dates and responsible teammates to allow checklists to sing in harmony with the "My Work" section, ensuring visibility and accountability.

Method Two: Automate Task Creation Mastery

When the built-in checklist function doesn't cut the mustard—especially if you need to assign tasks—to overcome this, we turn to Smartsuite's automations:

  1. Trigger an automation with the creation of a new opportunity or record.
  2. Update the record to include a series of tasks with due dates and assignees based on your specified template.

"A robust advantage of using automation is the capability to set relative due dates, assigning tasks to members on fly!"

Spin a New Web with Task Applications

Sometimes, a single checklist won't suffice. Enter, the dedicated Tasks application:

  1. LINK IT UP! Connect your new Task app to the Opportunities app via a linked relationship.
  2. Assign individual tasks to opportunities, elaborating on priority and status with gusto.

Automations wink at this method too, allowing for recurring tasks to be engineered at this granular level.

The Scheduled Time Trigger: Recurring Tasks on a Silver Platter

For tasks tied to the calendar rather than events, bask in the glory of the scheduled time trigger. Dictate the frequency, and Smartsuite will usher in tasks as regular as a metronome.

"February 10, March 10, April 10... like clockwork, SmartSuite will serve you tasks on the same platter every month!"

A World Where Tasks Flow Like Clockwork

SmartSuiteGrasping the antics of Smartsuite's recurring tasks might seem a tall tower to climb, but with these methods in your quiver, you can conquer any project's heartbeat. Don't let your workflows turn to whispers; harness the power of SmartSuite and write your symphony where tasks hit their crescendo, right on cue.

Ready to say goodbye to forgotten tasks and hello to flawless workflows? Start your journey with SmartSuite today and watch your productivity catapult to stellar heights. Start your free trial now and see just how much of a game-changer SmartSuite can be for your business.