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Organize a Campaign with SmartSuite's Project Management Features (Beginner SmartSuite Tutorial)

Organize a Campaign with SmartSuite's Project Management Features (Beginner SmartSuite Tutorial)

10 minutes

January 11, 2024

Hey marketers, project managers, and all-around organizational wizards! Ready to streamline your marketing campaign with some nifty Smartsuite features? Buckle up, because we're about to make your workflow as smooth as a well-aged Scotch.

A big shoutout to Smartsuite for sponsoring this content, making it easier for us to dive into campaign management. Excited? Fantastic—let's jump into it! (And hey, if you're playing catch-up and want to click along, snag the affiliate link in the description to get your SmartSuite groove on.)

The SmartSuite Launchpad: Adding a New Solution

When you log into the SmartSuite home base, scout out that 'Add New Solution' button. That's your ticket to campaign greatness. Aim for the 'Marketing Campaign' template—just a quick search and click away—and bam, your Smartsuite universe expands with a pre-fabricated structure ready to cradle your campaign dreams.

Creative Briefs: Your Campaign Compass

Okay, I'm psyched about campaign briefs—the why, what, and how of your project that steer the ship. In SmartSuite, you get to unleash your visionary ideas right in the campaign name area, which is primed for a good old creative brain dump.

"Go for a Smart Doc conversion," I say. It's like a spell that morphs plain text into a wonderland of formatting magic, from stunning fonts to slash commands for records and attachments. The rich-text fairy just granted your every document-editing wish.

Template Time: Structuring Default Values

Don't just spill your brain's contents into the fields—set up some default values. Picture a default creative brief ready to go, with blanks waiting for your genius to fill them. Every new campaign you birth will automatically inherit this skeleton. Now, who doesn't love a time-saving trick?

Demo Data Be Gone: Out With The Old

Ever felt the satisfaction of decluttering? Hit 'Delete Data' at the solution level, and watch the demo data vanish. What you're left with is a pristine canvas for your very own action-packed marketing adventure.

Checklists vs. Sub Items: The Project Management Rumble

Here's where it gets tactical. SmartSuite offers two ways to chop up your work—sub items and checklists. If your task is complex and needs extra data fields, the sub items will be your best buds. But for a straightforward to-do list thrill, checklists offer that punchy satisfaction.

For those drawn to checklists, here's a pro tip: enter your recurring tasks in the default field settings, prepping your checklist for future campaigns. Draft emails? Design landing pages? Preload these steps so you're not reinventing the wheel each time.

Sub Items and Checklists: The Dynamic Duo

Using the dynamic duo of sub items and checklists together is like peanut butter and jelly for task management. Use sub items for big milestones, infusing them with confidence trackers and necessary details. Then let checklists handle the nitty-gritty, assigning due dates and responsibilities to your team.

Fleshing Out Campaign Resources: Channels, Content, and More

Dive into channels and content, parts of your campaign that need special attention. Link these records and start filling in relevant info, like brand assets or buyer personas. Think of this as planting seeds that will blossom into an organized campaign garden.

Team Collaboration: Communication is Key

Spill the beans about your campaign in the comments section—tagging is caring! Kick-off discussions, keep everyone informed, and revel in the knowledge that Smartsuite notifications will ensure no one misses out.

Assign roles with precision—you can have as many 'Assigned To' fields as your heart desires. Whether it's the project manager or the newest intern, everyone will know their mission should they choose to accept it.

Going Over the Top: Automations and Dashboards

Now's the time to geek out with automations (think: weekly status report emails) or build a flashy dashboard that rallies the troops. The possibilities are boundless, and with SmartSuite, you're just getting started.

Wrapping Up Your Campaign Fortress

By now, your campaign should be a fortress of order and progress, complete with tasks, resources, and team collaboration all under the SmartSuite sunroof. Stay tuned for a Part Two deep dive—if you're craving more, drop 'Part Two' in the comments, and we'll continue this organizational saga.

Thanks for sticking around, and remember: in the world of campaign management, Smartsuite is your ally. Enjoy the process, and here's to your marketing success!

And that, dear readers, is a snapshot of how you can wield Smartsuite's mighty tools to shepherd your marketing campaign from concept to conquering the market. Keep everything synced, everyone updated, and your creative planning in high gear. Happy organizing!

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