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What's New in SmartSuite:  July 2023 Edition

What's New in SmartSuite:  July 2023 Edition


August 11, 2023

A New Wave of Efficiency: SmartSuite's Exciting July Updates

Hello there SmartSuite community!

In this newsletter, we’re giving you a complete rundown of everything that we've accomplished here at SmartSuite in the last month. Welcome to the July update for everything SmartSuite.

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Field Updates

Repeating Tasks

We are excited to announce that our new Repeating Tasks feature is now available to all customers.  Repeating tasks allow users to schedule tasks to be auto-created on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or custom schedule.

This new feature can be enabled and configured directly within any Due Date field by users that have edit access to the field.

Scheduled repeating tasks will adapt to changes in completion dates and schedules the next occurrence accordingly, so you don't have to worry about missing future deadlines.

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Form Updates

Time Field Support

Forms have been enhanced to support our Time field type. This means you can ask respondents to specify time in 15-minute increments or type a custom value.

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Resuming Partial Submissions

We understand that sometimes users might need a moment before finalizing a form. With our latest enhancement to the Form feature, users can now initiate a form and return later to finish it up. Dubbed 'Partial Submissions,' this user-centric addition ensures that you never lose progress and can complete entries at your own pace.

To leverage this convenience, simply enable it from within your Form settings. It’s all about giving you the control and flexibility you deserve!

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Quality of Life Enhancements

Automations: New Gmail Trigger Type

A new trigger type of Gmail has been implemented that allows you to trigger actions based on an email being received in our Gmail account.

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Views: Duplicate as Public

When duplicating views, users now have the option to make them public or private. This adds a layer of customization that wasn't there before as previously they would default to creating private views.

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Solution Template Videos

We have started adding Overview Videos to each Solution template category.  This has been done to allow new users to better understand the types of templates that are available in each category.

Watch them here

SmartSuite AI Assistant

We're excited to announce that our SmartSuite AI Assistant has graduated from Beta and is now accessible to all our valued customers.

Dive deep into the world of AI with our integration of OpenAI's Chat GPT 3.5, a feature housed within our SmartDoc field. Whether you're selecting from our array of pre-crafted prompts or feeling creative and designing your own, the power of context-aware generation is at your fingertips.

Plus, we're gifting you 200 free requests to kickstart your AI journey. If you're hungry for more after that, simply integrate your own Open AI API key for uninterrupted access.

Embrace the future of content creation and experience the unparalleled potency of our newest offering! For intricate details, do refer to the comprehensive article provided.

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What's Coming: Future Improvements

SmartDoc: Collaborative Mode

Our SmartDoc field type is being enhanced to support a new Collaborative mode that will allow you to visually see updates being made in real time by other team members. The goal of this co-editing feature is to foster increased productivity in teams. 

This feature is scheduled for release to all customers in late August.

Advanced Filtering Options

Our new advanced filtering options will allow you to combine groups of conditions using both AND and OR operators. For example, you could create a filter rule to 'Show books, AND those books must be first editions OR show titles authored by Nobel laureates'.This feature is scheduled for release in mid-August.

Forms: Section Logic

Forms are being enhanced to support using logic to determine if entire sections should be displayed or hidden based on a value selected by a user in a preceding field.

This feature is scheduled for release in mid-August.

Dependencies / Gantt Chart

A new Dependency Field Type is being completed that will allow project managers to set and visualize task dependencies.  Two dependency modes will be available:

Standard Mode automatically sets a Finish-to-start relationship, streamlining the task-scheduling process without the need for intricate configurations.

However, for seasoned project managers and those who desire greater control, our Advanced Mode provides the option to choose among four dependency types, while also accommodating lead and lag times for detailed task sequencing.

Dependency relations will be able to be visually represented in our existing Grid, Card, and Kanban views, as well as a new Gantt chart view.

This feature is scheduled for release in mid to late September.

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Community News

Our Partner-First Journey: A Thriving Ecosystem of Global Collaboration

SmartSuite's growth hinges on its global network of over 150 trusted partners in 15+ countries, facilitating business automation. This was exemplified in our recent New York visit, which epitomized our thriving Partner First strategy.

During our New York trip this month, we deepened partnerships through engaging events, strategic discussions, and demonstrations of SmartSuite's newest features. These interactions reinforced our commitment to collective growth.

Our Service Provider program, designed for consultants, integrators, and VARs, empowers partners with the necessary tools to understand clients, plan implementations, and provide optimized SmartSuite workflows.

We view partners as integral to our team and crucial for our ongoing success. Our Partner First strategy isn't just a business model, but represents our collaborative ethos at SmartSuite. To join our expanding partner network, begin your journey here.

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