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How Product Teams Utilize SmartSuite to Collect, Manage & Act on Feedback

How Product Teams Utilize SmartSuite to Collect, Manage & Act on Feedback

5 minutes

March 6, 2023

This video showcases how product teams can use SmartSuite to collect feedback, manage and organize it, and act on it. SmartSuite allows product teams to centralize customer feedback from multiple sources and link it to the customer or project to inform the product development team on what to prioritize based on the trends they are seeing.

This video's chapters: 

0:00 Showcase Intro
0:41-Solution Data Schema
01:14-Feedback Form
2:17-Feedback Record
3:48-Utilizing Communication Center
4:44-Feedback Dashboard

Video Details

Introduction to SmartSuite for Product Teams

• SmartSuite as a tool for collecting feedback and managing it

• Centralizing customer feedback from multiple sources

• Linking feedback to customers or projects to inform product development priorities

Feedback Form

• Using a SmartSuite form to collect feedback

• Fields in the form: name, email, phone number, feedback description, type of feedback (feature request, bug, idea), user type, smart doc field for rich text, files and images field

• Relating feedback to specific features or projects

• Storing feedback in a centralized record for product managers and stakeholders

Feedback Record

• Overview of a feedback record

•General information and submission date

• Submitter profile and customer impact

• Feedback details: rating, recommendation, files, and images

• Relating feedback to projects for better context

Grid Views and Solution Data Schema

• Using grid views and filters to visualize feedback data

• Feedback by type of user

• Incorporating feedback into processes with the status field

• Creating tasks and action items related to feedback

• Communicating and assigning tasks to team members via the Communication Center

Feedback Dashboard

• Utilizing a dashboard to track and visualize feedback

• Feedback count by status

• Error feedback and total feedback records for the month

• Net Promoter Score and feedback trends over time

• Demonstrating the impact and progress of feedback on the team's work

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