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SmartSuite Tutorial | How to Get Started with SmartSuite

SmartSuite Tutorial | How to Get Started with SmartSuite

10 minutes

January 19, 2023

We're thrilled to be a part of your SmartSuite journey - an adventure that promises to ramp up your productivity using the power of intelligent workflow automation. We understand that dipping your toes into a new platform can be a mix of excitement and, let's be honest, a tad bit daunting. Fear not! SmartSuite has you smoothed out with an arsenal of solution templates, ready at your disposal, to jump-start your workflow without missing a beat.

Discovering Solution Templates

SmartSuite's beauty lies in its versatility, tailored to cater to a diverse range of workflow needs right from the get-go. These pre-made gems are not only diverse but neatly categorized into core workflows and industry-specific options. Whether you're streamlining departmental tasks or looking for a workflow that resonates with churches or educational settings, there's something for everyone.

Choosing the Right Template

As we dive into SmartSuite's workspace, our eyes are drawn to the inviting '+ Add New Solution' button that beckons us to explore the templated treasures within. I find myself gravitating towards marketing—a realm of endless creativity and strategy. Scrolling through the sea of marketing-specific choices, I elect to adopt the 'Marketing Plans and Resources' solution template. With a click on 'Use Template,' we're off to the races.

Personalizing Your Workspace

The template springs to life, revealing a richly stocked arsenal of resources. Here's the exciting part—I can stamp my identity on it. Tweaking the title to 'Marketing Campaigns,' switching up the solution color to a brand-synergistic blue, and selecting a rocket icon to symbolize our soaring ambitions, the template is quickly becoming ours.

Streamlining Access

When teamwork makes the dream work, managing permissions ensures that the right people have the right access from the get-go. By adjusting advanced permissions, I ensure that only select members can view or edit the solutions—a necessary step before getting down to business.

Fine-tuning Apps and Views

As we examine our suite of apps—'Plans,' 'People and Personas,' 'Content,' 'Brand Assets,’ to name a few—I decide to scrub the 'Tools' app from our arsenal. It's a power move to eliminate clutter and keep our focus laser-sharp.

Renaming 'Plans' to 'Campaigns' resonates more with our mission, and thus, it shall be! Though our template comes laden with views, it's time to put a personal spin on it. I hatch a new 'Planning Campaigns' grid view, handpicking fields to display according to our unique requirements, streamlining not just how we view our data but how we interact with it.

Crafting the Perfect View

Adjustments are a breeze. Whether it's removing a redundant 'Team' field or ensuring that every new record defaults to 'Planning' status, customization is only a few clicks away. Adding a 'Budget' field is as straightforward as selecting the plus sign and choosing the 'Currency' option, tailoring it further to match our financial nomenclature.

Deep Diving into Record View

For a more detailed approach, we delve into the record view to edit individual records. Too many fields can cause a visual cacophony, but SmartSuite empowers us with sections. A new 'Financials' section is born, kept collapsed by default to maintain a sleek workflow.

Organizing Views

Advancing towards organizational nirvana, I wrap up by removing an unnecessary original grid view and deploying a 'Planning' folder to house our customized views.

Out with the Old, In with the New

As we ready ourselves to launch, we bid adieu to demo data with a simple delete command, clearing the stage for our company's actual campaigns to take the spotlight.

Set Sail with SmartSuite

There you have it! You're armed and ready to deploy SmartSuite's solution templates for your organizational needs. Remember, the available preset options are merely a springboard to your very own tailored solution ecosystem.

As you put the finishing touches on your SmartSuite solutions, we're eager to watch you harness their full potential and witness the transformations they bring to your workflow.

"The right tools can transform an organization, and SmartSuite is your digital alchemist."

We’d absolutely love to see how you leverage these templates to fit your workflow. Drop us a line in the comments—we're all ears for your questions or your tales of SmartSuite success!

So, are you ready to revolutionize your workflow with SmartSuite? Your next level of productivity awaits, and it's just a template away. Don't just dream about efficiency—make it your reality with SmartSuite.