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Unlocking AI-Driven Content Creation in Smartsuite with SmartDoc

Unlocking AI-Driven Content Creation in Smartsuite with SmartDoc

May 19, 2023

Hey everyone In this edition of Smart Tips, we're peeling back the curtain on a supercharged feature that's all set to redefine how you interact with content creation. We're diving deep into how AI integrates with Smartsuite's SmartDoc to not just simplify your workflow, but to also sprinkle a little bit of magic on your documents.

SmartSuite and AI: A Match Made in Tech Heaven

I can already feel the excitement bubbling as we prepare to unveil the power of AI within our SmartDocs. It's common knowledge that SmartSuite reigns supreme when it comes to organization and productivity, but with AI in the mix? We're talking next-level efficiency.

Commanding AI to Your Will: The New Frontier

Imagine you're nestled in your SmartSuite record, all eager to roll up your sleeves and craft some stellar content. But wait, there lies the game-changer—your SmartDoc field. This is no ordinary text box; it's your gateway to an AI-driven content powerhouse.

A quick tap of the slash command ("/") or even a simple space at the start of a sentence summons the AI generator like a genie from a bottle. This isn't just any genie, though. It's harnessed with the brainpower of Chat GPT, right at your fingertips via our seamless API. From drafting to refining, AI's got your back.

Fueling Content with AI: Custom Prompts and More

Got predefined needs? We've got predefined prompts that are evolving every single day to meet your criteria. But what if you're feeling adventurous and want something tailored? Just ask away. The AI is all ears and ready to whip up whatever you desire—like setting goals for a sizzling billboard campaign.

"Help me create a set of goals for my billboard campaign," and voilà, you've got the AI churning out gold. The brilliance? It's all taking place within your SmartDoc. You watch as it weaves its magic, and when it's done? You're one click away from claiming it as your own and tweaking to your heart's content.

Full-Spectrum Editing: The AI Editing Suite

Now, let's say the AI has served up some content. It's time to play director.

  • Want it crisper? Command AI, "improve clarity."
  • Need more depth? Request it to "add context," and watch it revamp in real-time.

It's a collaborative dance between human creativity and AI's computational prowess.

### Interacting with AI: Edit, Discard, or Amplify

And if you're ever in a pickle, ponder your options:

  • Keep the AI-generated masterpiece.
  • Discard changes if they don't hit the sweet spot.
  • Navigate the length with a simple "make it shorter" or "lengthen."
  • Feel free to "continue writing" because, why not?

Thought you were done? Highlight some pre-existing text, and the AI is ready to serve again. Ask for a summary, and within seconds, your chronicle becomes a snippet.

A Glimpse into the Future: Smartsuite's Grand Vision

We're not just stopping at SmartDocs. The vision involves integrating this AI prowess across various Smartsuite facets like emails and comments. Can you imagine AI-generated responses as you type an email? We’re getting there—adding contextual information extracted right from your records to make your prompts even more targeted.

### Your Partner in Progress

We at Smartsuite are committed to pushing boundaries. This AI integration? It's a testament to that commitment—a trajectory towards an intelligent, seamless workflow.

Be Part of the Smartsuite AI Journey

Excited? We thought so! We can't wait for you to test-drive this feature and witness its prowess for yourself. Dive into your Smartsuite, crank up those SmartDocs, and let the AI do the heavy lifting.

As avid innovators, we're all ears for your feedback. Share your experience, suggest what you'd love to explore next, and be sure to tune in for more Smart Tips. After all, this blog post is just the tip of the iceberg.

Happy content crafting, SmartSuiters! With AI by your side, who knows what you'll create next?