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How to Organize Your Content Marketing Repurposing Workflow Using SmartSuite

How to Organize Your Content Marketing Repurposing Workflow Using SmartSuite

10 minutes

November 23, 2023

Alright, fellow content creators, let's dive into something that hits home for all of us. Whether you're ruling the content game as a savvy marketer, fueling your business with impeccable content, or hustling on the side—you get the struggle. Navigating the organizational chaos of thoughts, ideas, and content distribution is no walk in the park. Confusing? You bet.

The Pain of Juggling Content Tasks

Imagine this: you've got that killer content idea, you flesh it out, and BAM—it's done. If only it were that simple for long-term content gunslinging, right? When we step up the game, introducing complex repurposing flows into the mix, our brains can feel like they're in a never-ending twist.

Traditional task management tools? They might give us a sense of structure, but soon we find ourselves drowning in a sea of never-ending checklists and assignments. And trying to stuff everything into a spreadsheet only gets you a one-way ticket to Overwhelmville—no thanks!

Beyond Your Basic Tools

So, I took my process-nerd hat for a spin, combing through every tool out there, searching high and low for that holy grail of content management. Spoiler alert: I found something. SmartSuite just might be the code-cracker we've been waiting for to keep our content workflow more organized than a Marie Kondo sock drawer.

Why SmartSuite?

Look, if you're here just for the juicy "how-to," feel free to scroll down to the meat of this post. But for those who stick around for the "why"—you're my kind of people.

Workflow. It's the genesis of our content journey. Start simple, grow complex; it's the nature of the beast. But here's the clincher: when you ramp up to multi-faceted content repurposing, the lay of the land changes.

Now, enter the game-changer: SmartSuite. This nifty tool lives in the sweet spot between traditional task managers and overly rigid databases. Think of it as the taskmaster-meets-librarian of your content world—keeping your ducks in a row without putting them in unyielding shackles.

Database or Task Manager? How About Both!

Inside SmartSuite, everything's a record. Dreams do come true—you can toggle between task-style management or a more freeform database approach. Want due dates and assignments? You got it. Prefer to keep things in the realm of ideas? No problem.

And hey, if you're liking the sound of this, check out SmartSuite for yourself—there's a free trial linked right at the bottom of this post. Go ahead, give it a whirl on their dime.

A Guided Tour of SmartSuite

Now it's show-and-tell time. Let me guide you through my own setup and let's see how SmartSuite makes sense of our content chaos.

The Idea Incubator

First off, we have our topic ideas app—your brainstorming HQ. Jot down anything from "The Secrets of Espresso Making" to "Is Pluto Still Mad at Us?". It's like an Airtable database on steroids, customizable and filled with the potential for collaborative ideation.

Collections Beyond Content

But don't just stop at topics. SmartSuite can host a myriad of databases. Picture your very own YouTube playlist repository or an archive for guest contributors—all in one place. If you can dream it, SmartSuite can database it.

Where the Magic Happens: Content Creation

Here comes the centerpiece: the Content Creation app. It's where the task features shine, with customizable fields to assign managers, time tracking, and progress bars that will give you the satisfaction of seeing those little pills fill up—a colorful visual feast of your workflow.

And the highlights? Checklists. Within each content record, lay out steps, each with its own assignee and due date. See at a glance where every piece of content stands in your repurposing journey—YouTube, social posts, short clips. SmartSuite turns the grind into a (dare I say) enjoyable process.


SmartSuite's progress bars and checklists turn task management into a visual treat. It's a game-changer for content creators.

Dive Deeper without Drowning in Complexity

Sections. That's the genius feature you didn't know you needed. Instead of losing yourself in a labyrinth of subtasks, SmartSuite lets you add layers of information tucked neatly within each piece of content.

From shorts repurposing to social media captions, it's all about efficiency. Expand, fill in, collapse and conquer. This feature alone is why SmartSuite has caught the eye of many content maestros—myself included.

Charts and Dashboards: Gamify Your Workflow

Before you think we're done, there's more. SmartSuite's capability extends to visual dashboard bliss. Charts, figures, stats—understand your content's performance at a glance.

Final Thoughts on SmartSuite

For content creators looking to streamline their workflow with clarity, SmartSuite checks all the right boxes. It artfully bridges the data-task divide, yielding a tool that works with your brain, not against it.

Excited to give SmartSuite a shot? Use the affiliate link below for a free, no-credit-card-required trial. Play around, see what's possible, and maybe, just maybe, it'll be love at first task.

If you're hungry for more and "details" is your current mood, drop the word in the comments. Want an in-depth tutorial? Craving quick insights? Let me know, and I'll tailor the content to your needs. Remember to smash that like and subscribe button while you're down there—it helps a ton and costs nada.

To experience SmartSuite's key benefits for yourself, start a free trial today and explore its intuitive work management platform.