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Email from within your SmartSuite Records

Email from within your SmartSuite Records

6 Minutes

February 8, 2023

Revolutionizing communication in workflow management, SmartSuite takes a significant leap forward with its latest feature—sending emails directly from within your records! This addition promises to enhance your productivity by intertwining email correspondence with your project data—without ever leaving the SmartSuite environment. Join us as we delve into this alpha-exclusive feature and see how SmartSuite is transforming the way we manage our workflows.

A Fresh Approach to Workspace Communication

In a recent video from Gareth, the owner of Gap Consulting Gareth shares an exciting and groundbreaking feature that is under alpha testing: emailing directly from a record in SmartSuite.

Seamless Integration for Effective Collaboration

Let me paint the old scenario: you’re working in SmartSuite and need to email a client. Traditionally, you’d copy their email from the record, switch to your email app, and draft your message, losing the connection between the email and the project within your workspace. Now, imagine maintaining that connection throughout your communication. That's what this latest feature offers—a seamlessly integrated way to manage emails right where the action happens.

Setting Up Emails in SmartSuite

Getting started is simple. Upon opening a record, access the 'Communication Center'—the hub for all your SmartSuite interactions specific to each record. From here:

  1. Navigate to the header's settings and find the 'Emails' section.
  2. Toggle the email feature on, allowing the handling of inbound and outbound emails within SmartSuite.
  3. Ensure your records have an email field populated for the communication to link appropriately.

Testing the Feature with Real-Time Communication

With the email field set up, creating a new email is just a few clicks away. Draft your message within the Communication Center in the familiar email format, hit send, and watch the magic happen.

  1. Emails sent from SmartSuite automatically appear in the record's comment section, keeping a neat trail.
  2. Replies from outside SmartSuite? They slot right back into the thread in your Communication Center.

This integration means your email correspondence connects directly to your project data, boosting traceability and efficiency.

The Future of SmartSuite Communication

The implications are far-reaching. This evolution of project communication means frictionless coordination with clients and team members, keeping everyone in the loop while working within the ecosystem you already love.

Embrace the Future with SmartSuite

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