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How Interior Design Firms Manage Budgets and Inspiration for Client Projects

How Interior Design Firms Manage Budgets and Inspiration for Client Projects

7 minutes

February 21, 2023

The video showcases how interior design firms can use SmartSuite to collect data directly from clients and websites to manage their projects, allowing an easy way to track their requirements and compile customized information to present to clients.

This Video’s Chapters:

00:00- Showcase Intro
0:52- Where to Download the Template
1:32 -Project request Form
2:38- Items Overview
3:31- Using the Web Clipper to Collect Inspiration
4:00- Content Approval
4:08 - Managing Budgets for Client Projects
6:00 -Share View + Document Designer for Client Deliverable

Video Details:

Introduction and Overview of SmartSuite for Interior Design Firms

  • Smart Suite as a solution for interior designers
  • Collecting data from clients and websites
  • Integrating data with CRM and inventory management
  • Budgeting and project management within Smart Suite
  • Compiling and presenting information to clients

Client Projects and Project Request Form

  • Using the form to collect information from clients
  • Embedding the form on a website or sending it directly
  • Gathering details like design preferences and budget
  • Creating project records within Smart Suite

Linking Client Projects to CRM

  • Relating client projects to existing client records in the CRM
  • Adding a field in the grid view to establish the relationship

Managing Items and Price Points

  • Overview of items related to different rooms
  • Price points for different item categories
  • Linking items to locations and purchase/sales orders

Collecting Inspirations with Web Clipper

  • Utilizing the Smart Suite Web Clipper extension
  • Clipping inspirations from websites and adding them to the app
  • Linking inspirations to specific items for client projects

Budget Management for Client Projects

  • Overview of the budgets view in Smart Suite
  • Grouping budgets by client and room
  • Tracking budget details like cost, customer price, and quantity
  • Calculating totals and determining if the project is within budget

Reviewing and Sharing Client Project Budgets

  • Evaluating the budget status for each room and client
  • Adjusting item prices to meet the budget
  • Creating separate views to focus on specific client projects
  • Sharing budget information with clients using the Document Designer
  • Sending the budget overview for approval and signature