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How to Use SmartSuite to Manage Patients and Improve Customer Experience

How to Use SmartSuite to Manage Patients and Improve Customer Experience

10 minutes

November 21, 2022

This Showcase shows how you can use SmartSuite to manage patients all from a central place. This gives your team a 360 degree view of your customer, which will helps to improve their experience.

This Video's Chapters: 

0:16 - Introduction to the patient management system built inside SmartSuite
- Discussing the requirements of the user and their goal to personalize customer service and provide a 360-degree view of the customer
- Overview of the different apps within the solution, with a focus on the patients app
- Exploring the "General Information" section and its relevance to the overall goal
- Understanding the "Interactions and Appointments" section and how it tracks touchpoints with patients
- Exploring the "Tasks and Notes" section for assigning tasks and adding notes related to patients
- Discussing the "Estimate Creator" section and its link to creating estimates
- Overview of the "Quote and Payment Info" section, tracking quotes and payment history
- Exploring the "Documents and IDs" section for attaching and uploading documents
- Explanation of the "Activity Account" that counts all activities related to the patient
- Introduction to different views for analyzing and visualizing patient data
- Understanding the line chart for "Quote Prices of All Employees" to track payments received
- Overview of the "Dashboard" for an overall view and metrics analysis

Video Details


• Overview of the patient management system built inside Smart Suite

• Importance of improving customer experience and CRM

User Requirements

• Personalizing services and providing a 360-degree view of the customer

• Focus on the patients app as the core of the system

General Information

• Status, assigned user, and activity count

• Contact information (phone, email) and referral details

• Location and address validation

Opportunities and Interactions

• Expanded display for opportunities and details

• Tracking touchpoints and interactions with patients

• Viewing interaction notes and complete interaction history

Appointments and Payments

• Linking appointments, due dates, and payment information

• Creating new appointments and payments

• Summing up payment amounts and appointment statuses

Tasks and Notes

• Adding tasks and assigning them to team members

• SmartDoc field for adding notes about the patient

Estimate, Quote, and Payment History

• Link to estimate creator and estimate information

• Tracking quote history and payment details

• Formula fields for summing payment amounts and approved quotes

Documents and IDs

•Linking and attaching documents to patient records

• Uploading files and images for reference

Activity Count and Views

• Counting and summarizing activities across different apps

•Patient list and employee views

•Chart view for status and employee grouping

•Line chart for quote prices and payment tracking


•Overall view and metrics for quarterly meetings

•Customizable charts and widgets