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New Attachments Features for SmartSuite Formulas: A Game-Changer for File Management

New Attachments Features for SmartSuite Formulas: A Game-Changer for File Management

10 minutes

May 17, 2023

If you've been using SmartSuite to manage your files and attachments, prepare to be thrilled with what I'm about to share. There's a nifty new feature that's going to amp up the way you handle and process attached files within SmartSuite.

SmartSuite's File Handling: The Past and the Present

In the past, SmartSuite was no slouch when it came to file management—you could effortlessly upload various file types and even segregate them according to your organizational needs. However, a pain point persisted: when it came to truly understanding the intricacies—the "what" and "how many"—of files uploaded, the details were somewhat foggy. Particularly tricky was keeping tabs on these files when shuffling data between different systems using third-party tools like Make.

But guess what? Those days are over. The recent updates offer us tools that bestow greater flexibility and promote a much smoother user experience around files and images. Let me walk you through some practical magic using formulas that SmartSuite has conjured up.

Harnessing the Power of Formulas with Attachments

Imagine you have this attachments field staring at you from your Smartsuite interface, and you think, "What now?" Simple! We dive straight into creating some formulas—because that's where the real fun starts.

Listing Attachment Names with Ease

Firstly, say hello to a little trick I like to call "attachment names" (or "file names," if we're splitting hairs). Now, with attachments as a new friend to formulas, we can actually generate a list of file names of the documents we've uploaded.

Just like that, instead of just those nondescript file icons, you get a clear-cut list of names like 'onboarding.pdf' and 'test1.pdf' making their grand appearance. Talk about a boost in usability!

Knowing Your Count: Attachment Tally

Let's ratchet things up a notch, shall we? Suppose you want to know precisely how many attachments are tucked away in that field. Enter the "attachment count" formula:


With this gem, a quick glance at the field updates you with the total file count. Upload another file and bam—the count updates without skipping a beat.

"When the details count, count on this detailed count!" - A Smartsuite User, probably.

Automations & Integrations: Trigger Happy with Numbers

This feature isn't just about informative displays. What if we wanted to set off an automation or integration once we hit a sweet spot in the number of files? With the new attachment count visible, it’s possible to trigger actions based on file accumulation. This can be a game-changer for backing up important files or even simply for keeping records up-to-date.

Onboarding File Verification? Check!

Let's add another scenario to the mix—for instance, you're obsessing over whether a specific file type has been uploaded. You're looking for that ever-important 'onboarding' file, and you want to be sure it's there.

contains(attachments, "onboarding")

With a clever use of thecontains function, you can quickly check for the file's presence, and what do you get? A satisfying checkmark that signals an affirmative—with no manual searching required!

A World of Simplified File Management Awaits

The possibilities are seemingly endless with these attachment formulas. From ensuring onboarding documents are uploaded to sending timely notifications for missing files—the world is your automated, well-organized oyster.

There you have it—your comprehensive guide to harnessing SmartSuite's latest features for a seamless and more automated file handling experience. Roll out the welcome mat for a new era of organization and say goodbye to the confusion of yesteryears. Here's to working smarter, not harder!

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