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Parsing a Form into Multiple Apps in SmartSuite - A Detailed Guide

Parsing a Form into Multiple Apps in SmartSuite - A Detailed Guide

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March 8, 2023

If you've ever found yourself neck-deep in data from a Smartsuite form, trying to figure out how to distribute this information effectively across multiple apps, this guide is the beacon you've been searching for amidst the sea of confusion.

Understanding the Challenge

First and foremost, let's talk about what SmartSuite users, like yourself, might often face—a form collects data, and this data needs to feed into several apps. A classic conundrum, where you have business information belonging to one app while personal details are destined for another.

Gareth Pronovost, the no-code maestro from Gap Consulting, takes on the challenge, demonstrating how to parse form data into multiple applications within Smartsuite.

Step-by-Step Solution

Creating a Unified Form


First off, Gareth suggests setting up a new app within SmartSuite labeled 'Form Submissions'. This becomes our information hub. Here, we gather all the details:

  • Company name
  • Company URL
  • Personal full name
  • Email address

Automating the Data Parsing

The magic happens with SmartSuite automations. By setting up an automation that triggers upon form submission, the data is routed as follows:

  • A new account record is created in the 'Accounts' app.
  • A new contact record is born in the 'Contacts' app.
  • And, voilà! The accounts and contacts are linked, thanks to the shared company name.

The Process in Action

With the automation prepped and ready, Gareth puts theory into practice. A test form submission illustrates a seamless flow of data from the form to the respective accounts and contacts apps, proving that, indeed, SmartSuite can handle distributing data across multiple apps.


  1. On Form Submission: A trigger is set for new form submissions under the 'Form Submissions' app.
  2. Creating Account Records: The received company name and URL are directed to create a new account in the 'Accounts' app.
  3. Creating Contact Records: Concurrently, the individual's full name and email nurture a new contact record in the 'Contacts' app.
  4. Linking Records: Integrating the two, the new contact is attached to the account established from the same submission.

And there, automation binds the disparate pieces into a neat, cohesive whole.


The Outcome

This demonstration by Gareth showcases the adaptability of SmartSuite to handle comprehensive data management tasks efficiently. By utilizing a dedicated 'Form Submissions' app and clever automations, a single form can dutifully distribute information across numerous apps, maintaining organization and saving precious time.

Expanding on this foundation of knowledge, we encourage you to explore Smartsuite's Solutions and Features for deeper insights and further discovery.

For those ready to take control of their work data destiny, sign up for a free trial of Smartsuite and experience the newfound ease of automating your workflow.

Now, to employ the wisdom Gareth has imparted, take your forms, your apps, and set them in digital motion—happy automating!