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SmartSuite Versus Airtable

SmartSuite Versus Airtable

January 1, 2024

Dynamic Filtering Enables Intelligent Data Connections

SmartSuite allows you to set dynamic filters on linked relationships between tables. This means when you select a record in one table, the options shown in a related dropdown are filtered based on that selection.

For example, you could link a table of states to a table of cities, filtering the city options by the chosen state. This ensures users always see relevant, connected data without manual intervention. Airtable does not provide native dynamic filtering, requiring complicated workarounds.

Seamless Cross-Solution Linking

With SmartSuite, you can link tables across entirely separate solutions in your account. As teams adopt SmartSuite for marketing, operations, finance, etc, connecting data across solutions becomes critical.

Rather than mirroring tables with synced copies like Airtable, SmartSuite allows direct links between original data sources. This makes building and sharing data much faster and flexible.

Centralized Task Management

The "My Work" section in SmartSuite compiles assigned, uncompleted tasks from all solutions you have access to. This lets you manage cross-functional work in one place instead of jumping between solutions.

As teams assign you tasks, you can view, update, and complete them without leaving "My Work," increasing efficiency.

Granular Permission Management

SmartSuite allows intricate, layered permissions at the solution, table, and even field levels. You can choose to include or exclude access down to individual members and teams per data type.

Airtable only permits base-level permissions without complex interfaces to limit visibility. SmartSuite's native and nuanced permissions simplify sharing appropriate access.

Customizable Record Views

Finally, SmartSuite enables flexible configurations for expanded record views. You can create sections, choose which collapse/expand by default, re-order elements, and decide exactly what information takes focus.

This customizability based on user and task context makes front-and-center relevant data viewing much simpler compared to Airtable.


With strengths like dynamic linking, universal integration, centralized tasks, granular permissions, and configurable views, SmartSuite excels in connecting, sharing, managing, and interacting with data.

To experience SmartSuite's key benefits for yourself, start a free trial today and explore its intuitive work management platform.