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Supercharge Your Workflow with SmartSuite and Ply to Save Hours

Supercharge Your Workflow with SmartSuite and Ply to Save Hours

5 minutes

April 21, 2023

Welcome back to our Smart Tips series! Today we're diving into an incredible productivity hack that's sure to save you precious hours every week. If you're always looking for better, faster ways to manage your projects and workflow, stay tuned as I unravel the magic of combining Ply with SmartSuite.

Streamline Your Process with SmartSuite

At SmartSuite, we take tracking partner videos seriously. With every video that's released, we have a detailed process in place, ensuring we monitor every aspect of our product's representation. This systematic tracking also extends to correlating vital metrics like signups and website visits based on the video releases.

The Challenge

Previously, this involved a time-consuming process of manually copying video URLs, titles, creators' names, and publication dates—a task that's both repetitive and mundane.

The Solution: A Pair Made in Productivity Heaven

Enter Ply - a sleek browser extension that plays nicely with SmartSuite by letting us automate data entry with ease.

Shout Out to a Stellar Partner

Let's use an example from Zack, one of our dedicated partners who uses SmartSuite to help clients level up their work routines. Zack's latest video on renewals, reminders, and notification systems is rife with insights on streamlining those processes.

Adding Partner Videos in Seconds

Here's the cool part: Rather than switching between tabs and typing details, all I do is these simple steps:

  1. Select the video title
  2. Use the keyboard shortcut Shift + Command + K
  3. Ply's UI pops up and pre-fills the needed fields

And just like that, we have all the information perfectly logged into SmartSuite, with zero hassle.

## Ply and SmartSuite: The Backend

Now, for those who like peeking under the hood, let's talk about setting this up. Ply brings superpowers to your browser by not only integrating with SmartSuite's backend but also adding intuitive UI elements to your environment.

  1. Creating Commands: I set up a 'partner video' command that gets triggered with a shortcut.
  2. Crafting an Interface: Ply provides an interface where fields like the page URL and selected text are auto-magically filled.
  3. Automation Magic: The 'create a record' step kicks in as soon as the information is entered. Ply knows to prefill certain data specifically for partner videos and dynamically updates the URL, date, and title.

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What's Next?

Did you find this Smart Tip enlightening? If so, we're just scratching the surface of optimizing your workflow with SmartSuite. We'd love to hear what topics or features you want to explore next.

Remember, subscribing to our YouTube channel is the easiest way to not miss out on our series of time-saving tips and tricks.

Let's wrap it up by saying thank you. Whether you're a long-time SmartSuite user or just getting started, efficiency gains like this are what we're all about - giving you more time to focus on what matters most. Catch you in the next episode!