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How to Name Items in SmartSuite

How to Name Items in SmartSuite

August 18, 2023

Hello, SmartSuite enthusiasts, and welcome to the blog post supplement to our latest Smart Tips episode! Inviting you for a deep dive into one of our most intuitive features - naming your items within SmartSuite. Whether you're an organizational wizard or a business maven, streamlining how you identify your data can save time and enhance clarity. So, let's jump straight into turning SmartSuite from smart to genius.

Understanding Items and Records in SmartSuite

Within the SmartSuite environment, you interact with various solutions consisting of multiple apps. And in each of these apps lies a gold mine of records. These aren't just any records; they hold the essence of specific items critical to your operations.

Imagine you're navigating through your CRM in the pipeline app. Every record you encounter is the digital representation of a deal—a potential game-changer for your revenue stream. And if you pivot to your monthly invoices app, you'll find that each record is a stalwart sentry standing guard over an invoice.

Now, wouldn't it be spectacular if these records could wear their true identities proudly, instead of the generic "record" label? What if, with a simple change, your deals and invoices could be immediately identifiable, making it a breeze for your team to understand and manage them?

It turns out, we at SmartSuite are pretty good listeners. We've taken your feedback to heart and implemented a way to personalize your records in the simplest manner imaginable.

Customizing Your SmartSuite Vocabulary

The journey to personalization begins with a single click on the app dropdown menu. Here lies the power to rechristen records into what they truly represent in your business landscape. By default, they're termed "records," but this is merely a canvas waiting for your custom touch.

Take the invoice example:

By changing the default nomenclature to "invoice," you cast a spell that ripples throughout the app. Before you know it, you are prompted to "Add a new invoice" instead of a mundane new record. This magic extends across all functionalities within the app, from shortcuts to tooltips, all echoing the items as invoices.

Let's not stop at invoices, though. Your pipeline thrives on deals, and SmartSuite hears you. Alter the record's name to "deal," and watch as your pipeline app transforms, welcoming users to "Add a new deal" every step of the way.

And what about your contacts? They're not faceless records; they're the lifeblood of your business connections. With a swift metamorphosis, each entry now reflects its true persona: a contact.

We aim to cover the expanse of items that you, our discerning customers, use SmartSuite to manage. However, there’s always room for the unique and the specific. If the plethora of preset terms doesn't convey your item's singularity, don't fret.


When You Need a Custom Touch

Your business may harbor items of such peculiar importance that they defy conventional labels. That's the beauty of our diverse user base; you bring specialties that continually enrich our platform. Should your item—a cornerstone of your operations—lack a pre-defined term, our customer support is a message away.

Reach out through Intercom with the name of your unique collection, and our team will roll up their sleeves to incorporate it, ensuring that SmartSuite speaks your business's language as fluently as you do.

Conclusion and Your Input

There you have it, folks—another episode of Smart Tips distilled into a guide that promises to make your SmartSuite experience more intuitive and personalized. As always, we're eager to hear from you. Did this tip enhance your SmartSuite savvy? What other Smart Tips would you want us to cover next time?

Don't forget to leave your thoughts and suggestions. They are the gusts that set our sails in the right direction. Until our next tip, here's to making our workspaces smarter, one customization at a time!

Feel free to join the conversation below or reach out if you need a hand tailoring your SmartSuite setup. Let's continue crafting an organized world together!