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Turn Vision Into a Strategy Planning Template

Turn Vision Into a Strategy Planning Template

10 minutes

September 15, 2023

Have you ever had a groundbreaking vision for your organization, something so clear and exciting in your mind, yet struggled to communicate it effectively to your team? Many of us can relate to that moment when we desire for our businesses to thrive independently, without the constant necessity of our hands-on management. But how do we transcend from the visionary stage and make it actionable for everyone around us? This is where a strategically designed digital template comes into play - transform ideas into something tangible, accessible, and guiding.

The Allure of Systemization

The concept of systemizing our organizations is not new, but its implementation can be revolutionary. Instead of relying on the unpredictability of human memory or the availability of individuals, envision a company operating smoothly through well-defined processes.

Imagine a day when you can step back and witness the business blossoming, confident in the knowledge that everything functions like clockwork, thanks to the system you've put in place. That's a vision worth striving for!

The Transition from Vision to Reality

Creating a shared understanding of your vision can be challenging. To bridge the gap between personal aspirations and collective comprehension, you need the right tools to articulate and document the strategy clearly. That's where we move past the ephemeral whiteboards and hopeful thinking into the realm of cloud-based collaboration platforms that keep teams in sync - no matter their location.

Introducing SmartSuite

SmartSuite is more than just a sponsor of this conversation; it's the vehicle that can transform your abstract visions into concrete, strategic plans. With features including AI functionality, SmartSuite allows individuals within your organization to try out, for free, a system that captures, organizes, and shares strategic information in one centralized location.

Building a Strategic Planning Template

The foundation of streamlining your strategic planning lies in starting with the right template. Upon navigating to the 'Add new solution' page in Smartsuite, you may find yourself drawn to the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) template - and rightly so. Despite its misleading label, this template houses the tools needed not only to set goals but to exceed them.

The Key Elements

After integrating the OKR template, you're introduced to several informative areas:

  • Company Story App: Mission, vision, and values, all expandable and viewable in multiple formats such as list or kanban views.
  • Company Objectives: The heart of OKRs, these are goals paired with key results and connections to other records within the system.
  • Key Results Area: A detailed breakdown of individual key results, with fields for ownership, progress, status, and even risk levels.

Expanding the Strategy

While our OKR template provides a sturdy framework for objectives, incorporating strategy requires further enhancement. This process can be symbolized through two more apps:

  • SWOT Analysis App: Designed for tracking your organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats - a foundational piece for strategy development.
  • Strategic Plan App: A fresh canvas to portray your strategic approach, tailored with fields such as “Component of the Vision” and “Logic,” which aligns closely with your vision-OKR-transformation journey.

Crafting a Cohesive Strategy

As with any strategic endeavor, frameworks and methodologies vary widely. Whether you're a proponent of the Vivid Vision approach, Scaling Up, or EOS (Entrepreneur Operating System), SmartSuite's flexibility allows you to customize your strategic planning app to mirror the process that resonates with you.

Bringing Strategy to Life

Transposing grand ideas from the whiteboard into a unified digital strategy ensures your team always has access to the "big picture" goals and the specific strategies driving them forward. SmartSuite not only provides this clarity but with automation features, it actively engages the team members by notifying them of due assignments and updates.

Simplify for Clarity

Simplicity can often amplify clarity. By refining and potentially diminishing superfluous objectives, the essential elements of your strategic vision become more prominent. Whether utilizing the suite for capturing narrative descriptions, logic behind strategies, or visualizing the roadmap to success, SmartSuite caters to various styles of planning and communication.

A Unified Source of Truth

The brilliance of the SmartSuite strategic planning template lies in its potential to be your organization's single source of truth. From the articulation of culture to a robust planning and strategy orchestration, it binds every aspect of future forecasting in one package.

"Vision is something you can see. We need a way to get that out of our head so others can see it too."

Embrace this philosophy and let your vision morph into an actionable guide. By adopting a platform such as SmartSuite, the once daunting task of turning what you envision into what can be collectively pursued becomes intuitive and cohesive.

Get Started

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