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How Product Teams Use SmartSuite to Organize OKRs & Plan/Prioritize Projects

How Product Teams Use SmartSuite to Organize OKRs & Plan/Prioritize Projects

10 minutes

March 28, 2023

This Showcase shares how product teams use SmartSuite to align their corporate initiatives with the work they're doing in their projects, and how they can prioritize their work based on factors such as feedback, level of effort, and expected customer value.

This Videos Chapters: 

0:00- Intro & Overview of the Product Showcase Solution
0:31- Visualization with the data schema widget and prioritization methods
1:30 - Track project progress and format project details to and align with initiatives
2:19 - Utilizing the OKR dashboard for a high-level view and actionability
2:57- Aligning corporate initiatives and prioritizing projects based on feedback
3:19- Using a formula to calculate project scores and adjust included values
4:28- Overview of the Kanban view for project prioritization

Video Details


  • Brief overview of the four interconnected apps: accounts, feedback, project, and OKRs
  • Explanation of how the apps prioritize projects at a corporate initiative or feature level
  • Focus on planning and prioritizing work using information from OKRs and feedback
  • Importance of linking registered accounts to OKRs and feedback

OKRs App

  • Description of the OKRs app's features and functionality
  • Overview of the OKRs by quarter grid view and its purpose
  • Tracking project progress and completion using formal fields
  • Details of the 70/30 page layout in the record view
  • Utilizing the SmartDoc field for rich text editing

Project Management in OKRs App

  • Explanation of how the OKRs app helps manage projects related to OKRs
  • Viewing the overall OKR status and progress on related projects
  • Prioritizing projects needing attention and notifying stakeholders
  • Updating project and processes counter accordingly

OKR Dashboard

  • Overview of the OKR dashboard's features and functionality
  • Description of actionable information provided, such as meeting widget, countdown widget, and comparison metrics
  • Embedding a grid view to display overall key results progress
  • Ability to add comments and view change history

Projects App

  • Description of the Projects app and its purpose in project management
  • Prioritizing work based on feedback, account AR, effort level, and customer value
  • Explanation of the single select fields for capturing complexity and customer value
  • Automated formula for calculating project score based on different values

Managing Projects in Projects App

  • Overview of the All Projects by Value and Complexity view
  • Sorting and highlighting projects with high value to complexity scores and account ARR
  • Utilizing the Kanban view by priority for an overview of projects and their priority
  • Assigning project priority using the value to complexity score formula


  • Summary of the SmartSuite's ability to align corporate initiatives with project work
  • Highlighting the various tools and features for efficient and effective project management
  • Emphasizing the importance of prioritizing work based on different values and formulas