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Introducing SmartSuite & Noloco Integration

Introducing SmartSuite & Noloco Integration

10 minutes

October 2, 2023

We are thrilled to announce our latest integration with Noloco, a game-changing no-code platform that empowers businesses to transform their data into custom apps effortlessly. With this integration, you can now supercharge your SmartSuite experience by inviting your customers, clients, partners, and more into a powerful app fueled by your SmartSuite data. Let's dive into the details of this partnership and explore how it can revolutionize your business operations.

Meet Darragh Mc Kay, Founder, and CEO of Noloco

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of this integration, let's introduce the visionary behind Noloco, Darragh Mc Kay. With a background in software engineering, Darragh founded Noloco in Dublin, Ireland, nearly three years ago. Since then, he has been on a mission to empower businesses with no-code solutions, helping hundreds of people automate and streamline their operations. Now, let's see how Noloco is poised to transform your SmartSuite experience.

The Power of Noloco: Building Client Portals and Beyond

Noloco is a powerful no-code platform that enables you to create client portals, internal tools, or custom CRM systems seamlessly on top of your SmartSuite data. Imagine setting up a client portal that not only streamlines customer interactions but also enhances communication and collaboration, all while ensuring your customers can access and modify their own data securely. With Noloco, this becomes a reality.

Key Use Cases: Building an App from Your SmartSuite Data Source

  • App Builder: Build an app in minutes by instantly creating customer portals, partner apps, and internal tools on top of your SmartSuite data source. No coding required! Simply connect your SmartSuite database, and empower your team to view and edit your business data effortlessly.
  • What You Can Build with Noloco: Connect SmartSuite to Noloco in minutes and create powerful partner apps and customer portals. Securely share data with your customers in a white-labeled customer portal that places your brand front and center. Define precisely what data your partners can access and personalize their experience with custom views. Additionally, define user roles for your team members to maintain control over data access and views.
  • Data Display: Take control of the data displayed to your users. Toggle fields on and off with a single click, reorder them with a simple drag and drop, and establish conditional rules for field visibility based on other field values. With Noloco, customization goes as deep as the ocean, allowing you to tailor your app to your exact needs.
  • Permissions: Take data security a step further with database permissions. Define user roles to determine whether users can read, create, or update records in each SmartSuite App. You can also specify whether user groups should have access to all records or only their own. And for added granularity, control access at the field level to protect sensitive information.
  • Workflows: Say goodbye to manual tasks and embrace automation with Workflows. Send emails automatically whenever data is updated in your app. Trigger webhooks or leverage the Zapier integration to keep your other software tools in sync effortlessly. Noloco Workflows are here to save you valuable time and effort.

Unlock the Full Potential of SmartSuite with Noloco

With the Noloco integration, SmartSuite becomes more than just a data management tool; it becomes a versatile platform for building custom solutions tailored to your business needs. Enhance client communication, streamline operations, and automate tasks seamlessly. The possibilities are endless!

We're excited about this partnership and the endless opportunities it brings to businesses like yours. Stay tuned for more updates, tutorials, and success stories on how you can leverage Noloco and SmartSuite to elevate your business to new heights.

Innovation and efficiency are at your fingertips. Welcome to the future of data management and app development with Noloco and SmartSuite!

To get started, sign up for a Noloco account here. Learn more about how to connect SmartSuite to Noloco in this article.