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Save Hours A Day Through Custom Automations

Save Hours A Day Through Custom Automations

5 minutes

June 7, 2022

Save Hours a Day Through Custom Automations

Why have big companies adopted automation?

Automations streamline repetitive processes, and various industries have been using them for longer than you can imagine. After the pandemic, we see an increased adoption of automation as companies reevaluate the way they do work.

Let us look at what exactly workflow automations are and how they apply to your SmartSuite solutions, the advantages they offers, and use specific use cases to understand their application.  

Replacing repeatable, manual tasks with automated processes ensures accuracy, reduces your workload, and does not require manual oversight. Let us explain how you can use them in your SmartSuite solutions to help you and your company save time.

Create rules to automatically trigger actions

An automation trigger is the “switch” that activates an automation when certain conditions are met.

Example of Triggers include:

  • A record is created
  • Something changes in a record
  • A date is reached
  • Certain period of time has passed

Then, the action is the work to be done when the automation “fires.”

Examples of Actions include:

  • Create a record
  • Update specific fields in existing records
  • Send a SmartSuite notification to the Notification center and to members’ emails
  • Send an SMS message via Twilio
  • Send a message through Gmail

Why should you adopt automations?

Graphic that indicates the benefits of implementing automations

A few benefits of implementing automations include:

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Ability to facilitate workflows
  • Notify the next person that action needs to be taken
  • Automatically change status values
  • Move information to an appropriate repository
  • Improved communication and increased transparency
  • Ensured accuracy of repeated tasks
  • Reduced need for training, manual procedures and process documentation

Many processes benefit from the adoption of automations, and a few of the many use cases, are Human Resources, Marketing, and IT.

Display marketing plans in an easy to read grid

• Your HR team can create automations for upcoming interviews, let candidates know when you have received their resume, follow up on prospects, and migrate candidate information into your HR application when they’re hired.

• Your Marketing team can develop campaigns that automatically send email or text messages, inform management about results, generate reminders to account managers when customer segments haven’t had outreach in a certain period of time, and automatically create quarterly marketing campaign records.

• Your IT team can automate notifications to the appropriate employee given the service request, create notifications for incident reporting, and automate the process of hiring new employees.

Our continued development of easy to configure yet more powerful automations gives you more control of your workflow, saves you time, and ensures a higher level of accuracy than you get with manual input.