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What's New in SmartSuite: September 2023

What's New in SmartSuite: September 2023

15 minutes

September 12, 2023

August Ends with some Exciting Updates!

Greetings SmartSuite Community!

We're excited to present our latest features and updates, all designed to streamline your workflows and help boost your efficiency. As we embark on a new month, let's delve into the rich array of developments featured in this edition of the SmartSuite Newsletter. Brace yourself; there's a treasure trove to discover!

Listen to the Full Product Updates Webinar hosted by SmartSuite CEO, Jon Darbyshire

Forms Update

Conditional Section Logic

We are excited to announce much-requested enhancement to our Forms feature. With this enhancement, you can now dynamically show or hide entire sections of fields in your forms based on conditional logic. It functions similarly to Conditional Fields but offers even greater control!

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Enhancement of Field Types

New Printing Options

We've enhanced our Linked Records printing options. Now, instead of solely displaying linked record titles, the print output mirrors the display setting you've chosen for the field. This update allows you to incorporate additional linked record field content into your printouts when desired.

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Grid View Updates

Paste of Values in Select Lists

We've streamlined the process for adding choices in Single and Multiple Select fields. Instead of using the dropdown "Add new" option from the field menu, you can now paste values directly into grid cells when the "Allow users to create new choices" setting is enabled. Note that Solution Managers (and users with the Administrator role) always possess this capability regardless of the field setting.

SmartSuite automatically adds these new options to the field, making them available for selection by other users. This time-saving feature provides you with an easy way to keep frequently changing lists up-to-date with minimal effort.

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Bulk Record Duplication

In our Grid view, you now have the capability to select and instantly duplicate multiple records by checking the checkboxes next to each record (row) and then selecting "Duplicate". When the "Unique Record Titles" option is activated, we'll automatically append "Copy 1," "Copy 2," and so on, to differentiate each record.

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Bulk Record Copy

You now have the ability to easily copy the content of a record to your clipboard by checking the checkboxes next to each record (row) and then selecting the "Copy" option. This allows you to paste the data back intoSmartSuite or into other tools or spreadsheets.

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Views Update

Advanced Filtering Options (Groups)

Our filtering control has been enhanced to support the use of condition groups. You can now logically connect conditions together, into a condition group, using "and" and "or"conjunctions.

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Collaborative Display Mode

Our SmartDoc field type has been enhanced to support a collaborative display mode that is auto-enabled if two or more team members are editing a SmartDoc field at the same time. This feature provides a real-time view of all edits, mirroring the dynamic collaboration experience of platforms like Google Docs.

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SmartSuite Roadmap: What's Coming Soon

Dependencies / Gantt Chart - October:
With the new Gantt view, you will be able to visualize a schedule of related activities over time—like tasks, projects, or events—on a Gantt chart. Common use cases will include project management, production timelines, or resource management.

Home Page Solution Grouping - October: This new optional feature will enable you to organize solutions on your SmartSuite home page into groups, such as sales, marketing, product management, and Human Resources - to make it easier for users to find and access solutions.

Rerunning Failed Automations - October: Within Automation run history, you will be able to "Rerun" past failed runs of an Automation. This will be especially helpful for troubleshooting and testing automations.

Advanced View Level Permissions - October: View level permissions are being enhanced to allow for granting access to individual users, specific groups of users, or the role a user was assigned in the App they are accessing.

Integration with Bardeen - October: We are excited to announce that Bardeen is very close to releasing their integration with SmartSuite. Bardeen is a powerful workflow automation/integration platform that will provide our users with even more options for sharing data across products.  The most requested automation feature that is provided by Bardeen relates to automatically scraping data from a website and extracting the data into SmartSuite.

Whiteboard feature within SmartDocs - October: We will be unveiling a new Whiteboard functionality within our SmartDoc field type that will enable users to create flow charts, diagrams, org charts, brainstorm ideas, review marketing concepts, and more. This will be released as a native feature that is accessed from the advanced menu of all SmartDoc field types.

Much Larger Record Sets - Late October: Our grid view is being enhanced to support the display of record sets in excess of 500,000 records at a time - while maintaining lightning-fast performance.

Conditional Logic within Automations - November: This new feature will provide the ability to incorporate conditional logic into automation workflows by creating sequential groups of automation actions - where each group has a condition based on the results of a previous trigger or action.

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Community News

Announcing Public Beta for EasyPortal

We are excited to announce that our integration partner, EasyPortal, has completed its closed beta and is in Public Beta.  This means that all SmartSuite customers now have the ability to create online portals, websites, and web applications that sync data with SmartSuite in real-time.

The most common EasyPortal use cases include:

  1. Client Portals - Marketing agencies and service businesses are creating customer portals, offering clients a custom-branded gateway to monitor the progress of their projects. These portals provide insights into project scope, team members, deliverables, change requests, billing, and more. With every update made in SmartSuite, the portal refreshes in real time, ensuring clients always have the most current information at their fingertips.
  2. Community Portals - EasyPortal simplifies the creation of community portals, enabling large groups to exchange ideas, tap into resources, view member profiles, and more. The standout feature? Data seamlessly syncs with one or more SmartSuite solutions, effortlessly integrating into your internal workflows.
  3. Websites - EasyPortal enables straightforward website creation and management, blending static content blocks for crafting professional webpages with predefined templates, and dynamic blocks that synchronize with data maintained in a SmartSuite solution.
  4. Landing Pages - Marketing and sales teams are creating landing pages to communicate product features and capture leads that flow directly into your CRM in SmartSuite.

The primary benefit of EasyPortal to the SmartSuite community lies in its user-friendliness, enabling non-technical business professionals to effortlessly create and maintain professional portals and websites that synchronize with your SmartSuite data in real time. We invite you to kick off a free trial of EasyPortal and explore the highlighted use cases firsthand.

We'd also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the leadership at EasyPortal.  Their dedication to listening to the feedback from SmartSuite customers over the past three months has been commendable. Their customer-focused approach to product development is in line with what we expect from our strategic partners.

To further enlighten the SmartSuite community about EasyPortal, we've invited their CEO, Viktor Yevpak, to host a live webinar on Tuesday, September 26th, at 8:00 am PT. In this session, Viktor will outline his vision for EasyPortal, offer a concise demo on building your first portal, and then open the floor for community questions. Our very own VP of Partner Enablement, Avi Hercenberg, will serve as the event's moderator.

If you are interested in attending, you can register here: Getting Started with EasyPortal & SmartSuite.

Community Video: Dashboards & User Experience in SmartSuite

Data is more than just numbers on a spreadsheet; it's the fuel that drives informed decision-making and fuels organizational growth. SmartSuite, a powerful no-code tool, offers a game-changing feature that takes data analysis to the next level: dashboards. Listen in as our partner, Gareth Pronovost showcases the SmartSuite dashboard view.

View more videos created by the community here

Show & Tell: Using a Conditional Button with Dynamically Generated URL

Community contributor, Dave Bayless, shares a practical solution for scheduling dyad conversations within a cohort of 16 people using Calendly's Group scheduling feature. Discover how the Button field within SmartSuite simplifies the process by making existing sessions and their participants easily visible and actionable. Learn how to optimize your scheduling workflow and enhance collaboration with this efficient solution.

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Upcoming Events

NoCode Summit in Paris
October 10-11th

SmartSuite is proud to be a sponsor of the world's largest NoCode & LowCode event in Paris, France, on October 10th and 11th.  This event will bring together more than 3,000 NoCode / LowCode operators and industry experts from around the world to discuss the latest trends, use cases, and adoption of products in this emerging industry.

Featured speakers include:

Register here

Lowcode & Nocode BeNeLux Summit 2023
November 1st

We are also excited to be a sponsor of the Lowcode &Nocode BeNeLux Summit 2023 hosted by our partner PragmatiQ on November 1. Our co-founders, Jon and Tara Darbyshire, will be in attendance and will also be hosting a breakout session on how SmartSuite is working with customers across Europe to manage business processes and projects on a single platform.

Register here

Upcoming Live Webinars & Training

Automating Your Service Delivery with SmartSuite
September 13th @ 8:00am PT

Join partner Dan Leeman of Automation Helpers for an engaging webinar on automating your end-to-end flow so you can focus on delivering more consistent quality of service rather than managing logistics.

Register here

What's New & Coming Soon in SmartSuite
September 20th @ 8:00am PT

Join SmartSuite CEO Jon Darbyshire as he hosts a webinar to discuss the latest updates in our product and a sneak peek into what our product and development teams are working on.And as always, Jon will take time to answer questions and listen to your product feedback.

Register here

Getting Started with EasyPortal & SmartSuite
September 26th @ 8:00 am PT

SmartSuite customers now have the ability to create online portals, websites, and web applications that sync data with SmartSuite in real-time, using EasyPortal

To further enlighten the SmartSuite community about the value of the SmartSuite / EasyPortal integration, we've invited their CEO, Viktor Yevpak, to host a live webinar on Tuesday, September 26th, at 8:00 am PT. In this session, Viktor will outline his vision for EasyPortal, offer a concise demo on building your first portal, and then open the floor for community questions. Our very own VP of Partner Enablement, Avi Hercenberg, will serve as the event's moderator.

Register here

SmartSuite Monthly Training Class
September 22nd

This comprehensive 3-part training includes:

  • Comprehensive overview of SmartSuite as a platform, along with key functionality training tailored for end users.
  • Deep dive into SmartSuite, gaining insights into its building blocks and discovering how to implement effective solutions for your teams.
  • Our Recommended Certification session, featuring a live, free certification exam test to earn a SmartSuite Certification of your choice

If you are interested in attending our live training, you can access the registration request form here.

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