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5 Ways Work Management Software can Boost Collaboration

5 Ways Work Management Software can Boost Collaboration

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September 23, 2021

Although collaboration is a human activity, team collaboration software can help those humans work better together.

The problem with most work management software today is that it simply becomes another clunky set of tech tools that people need to learn and wade through. A work management system that saves time and energy and helps teams collaborate better and produce faster and more efficiently can not only make jobs more pleasant, but it can also lead to more productivity and even sales. 

Management software can be used for a wide range of projects, spanning across and often integrating multiple internal functions -- marketing, sales, product management, service, engineering, operations, manufacturing, and human resources. In fact, any project that involves more than one person can use a collaboration software tool. Here are five ways (the right) management software can lead to better interpersonal relationships, more teamwork, and ultimately better business results.

Everyone is on the Same (Virtual) Page

Once a leader or a project manager establishes goals, the work team comes together on the same platform. 

Here’s an analogy: A team is heading off to the state championship, which is 90 minutes away. Nineteen of the players climb on a bus with the coach. They get a pep talk, eat snacks, sing songs, and talk about how they’re going to come home with the trophy. But one lone player decides to travel with his dad to the game. He misses out on the teamwork and social chatter along the way. 

Project teams are similar. The enthusiasm and shared experiences that come from bonding (even if it’s over a technology platform) lead to camaraderie and better “play” in the long run. People get to know each other as humans and not just as cogs in a project wheel. And think about how the team can be involved in making group decisions along the way.

SmartSuite is a collaboration platform that enables users to choose how they want to view their information, what categories of information should be included, and who has access to what data and updates. In effect, it’s like having that team on the bus agree on what kinds of snacks to bring and which songs to sing. Collaboration around the collaborative tool can make an entire project run more smoothly. The right platform will also enable you to learn a little bit more about your team members without creeping on them on social media. SmartSuite lets you set up personal profiles, so you can get to know the people you’re working with, within and outside your company.

Gaps and Achievements are Obvious

When working from a collaboration platform, you can easily see tasks that need to be done and identify where you may need to “plug in” another team member, set of skills, or piece of information. The right software will make finding a team member easy and even let you find resources within your organization. You don’t have to wade through old emails or documents.

On the flip side, when you can simply and graphically view the progress you and the team have made, you feel as if you’ve achieved something -- which, in turn, can boost morale. When a co-worker or contractor achieves something spectacular, you can quickly and easily give them a public shout-out with SmartSuite.

Information is Easy to Find

The right platform (namely SmartSuite) ensures that all digital assets, schedules, resources, and conversations can be pulled up without lots of digging and switching back and forth between various online repositories. That can save hours of time and ensure the quality of the end product. Especially now that teams are working remotely and independent contractors are often involved in project delivery, centralized access 24/7/365 is critical.

Communication is Better

When people have a unified platform to chat, ask questions, and even joke with each other and celebrate successes, work becomes more enjoyable. That happiness leads to productivity and retention. Plus, if someone has a place to ask questions of co-workers, they are less likely to make mistakes that could cost time and money along the way.

Setting permissions is simple with SmartSuite. You can control exactly who has access to what they need and you can avoid the old “I didn’t get that” excuse that often plagues communications via e-mail or multiple systems. Reporting to stakeholders on project status becomes way easier too. When all the elements of a project are visible and transparent, management (or other interested parties) can peek behind the curtain at any point and see where tasks and the entire project stands. This not only gives people a greater sense of control, but it also leads to transparency and better communication -- up, down, and sideways.

Costs Decrease and Revenues Increase

Of course, no technology can immediately guarantee millions of dollars in new revenue. But when time is saved, money is saved. When employees are happy, turnover decreases and so does the cost of recruitment and training.In fact, in today’s tech-centric world, employees often talk among themselves(and even online) about how easy or difficult performing simple tasks is at their companies. Efficiency and camaraderie are important cultural attributes that can be heralded to attract talent to your company. After all, if a job can get done smoothly, that leaves more time for a personal life. And who doesn’t want that?

As far as revenue goes, if you’re able to bring products and services to market more quickly, launch a marketing campaign on (or ahead of) schedule, or execute an important sales initiative, you’ll ultimately see the results. Delays, confusion, and people working at cross-purposes can hamper your ability to make money. We’ve all seen that happen. 

What Solution Solves for All 5?

We designed SmartSuite with those five goals in mind. Looking at the gaps in other collaboration tools, we created a platform that’s intuitive, easy to learn, visual, and human-centric. 

So, get on the collaborative bus! Start a trial today!