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How Social Media Software Can Boost Sales

How Social Media Software Can Boost Sales

4 minutes

October 11, 2021

Building a solid social media strategy and choosing the right social media management platform are more important than ever. They result in greater efficiency, collaboration across creative and business teams, and ultimately results!

Some Basic Facts About Social Media Growth

A whopping 88 percent of companies now use social media in their marketing. After all, that’s how they reach consumers.  Scrolling through posts, reels, and other content has become the most popular online activity. In fact, the number of people using social media worldwide is expected to grow from 3.6 billion people today to almost 4.4 billion in 2025, according to Statista. Social media usage spans across the ages. But the type of media consumed by different demographic groups varies. This chart from Pew Research illustrates that. 

Social media use by age

Digging a little deeper, here are the apps where each age group spends their time. This type of data, combined with a clear view of who YOUR product or service appeals to will help inform your social media strategy.

Apps where users spend their time


Now You’re Ready to Build Your Social Media Plan...Or Are You?

You may have an awesome creative team and some incredible ideas for marketing campaigns, including copy, graphics, video and the smoothest TikTok moves imaginable. You’ve built a calendar for the next six months and have your keywords and hashtags down cold. But you’re missing something critical!

Where many companies fall down is in selecting the right social media management software. Although some may believe that the technology behind your social media is the less glamorous aspect of marketing, it can actually lead to better sales results both short- and long-term.

Why is Your Social Media Management Platform So Important?

Think of your social media software as that intelligent air traffic control system that will allow your team to plan, post, and analyze results all in one place. You probably wouldn’t want to board a plane knowing that the people who control your take-off, flight plan, and landing are all using a dated or fragmented system where communication between experts is minimal.

The right social marketing software enables your team to:

  • Plan campaigns that cut across all forms of social media
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders in your organization
  • Analyze results and replicate successes
  • Save hours of time and frustration

Yet, many decision-makers simply work with the same old software they’ve used before. The best platforms are not only kept current, but they integrate with other communications and collaboration platforms.

How does that impact sales?

  1. When you’re able to easily see what’s working and what’s not, you can apply that learning to future campaigns, improving overall performance.
  2. Marketing and sales must work closely together to ensure that the leads generated through social media are being properly nurtured and eventually turned into loyal customers. 
  3. When new products or services are launching, your social media team can easily ensure that their campaigns match the timing of those activities. That results in more cohesive marketing campaigns, more customer awareness, and ultimately more sales.
  4. Better planning and integration saves tons of time and even expense, so you can redirect resources to new programs and growth.

Choosing the Right Platform

Solutions abound to streamline your social media marketing management, but be sure you choose a platform that’s truly integrated and collaborative. Now that remote work teams are the norm, this aspect of your software becomes even more critical.

Rather than spending time searching for that perfect image or chasing down sign-offs, your social media team should be spending their time coming up with that next breakthrough campaign and celebrating their record-setting lead flow for the quarter.

The right platform is here! Start a trial today!

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