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Discover the Power of Junction Applications in SmartSuite

Discover the Power of Junction Applications in SmartSuite

6 minutes

June 14, 2023

For those venturing into the world of databases, and more so, cloud-based databases leveraged through no-code tools, there's a critical concept you'll want to grasp to revolutionize your data management: understanding and implementing a junction application. Today, we'll dive into one of our top picks for work management platforms — SmartSuite — and learn how to construct a junction application that will enhance your data collection processes with pinpoint precision.

Ready to unlock this power? Let's jump right into the heart of the matter with SmartSuite, where setting up a junction application plays a pivotal role. Think of a junction application as an intermediary that forges intricate relationships between your apps, elevating your organizational capabilities to new heights.

Now, before we build our junction application in SmartSuite, allow me to show you a common pitfall to avoid. Suppose you're managing invoices and services within your SmartSuite environment. You might be tempted to link the two directly, binding a service to an invoice in a simple one-to-two link. But this approach falls short when it comes to detailing the complex transactions that occur daily in business, such as selling multiple instances of a service.

Here's where the concept of a junction application comes to the rescue:

Imagine creating a new SmartSuite application — a 'line item detail' — that connects to both the invoice and the service. Not only does this method allow you to associate multiple services to a single invoice, but it also enables you to specify quantities and further details about each service rendered.

Take a moment to appreciate the elegance of this setup:

  • You have the invoice application capturing essential invoicing details like invoice ID, dates sent, due dates, and client information.
  • Your service application enumerates the distinct services offered alongside their respective pricing.

And nestled between them is the powerful junction application that marries these two apps, enabling you to specify the exact quantity of each service on the invoice and calculate individual and total costs with razor-sharp accuracy.

By following the steps outlined in our video, you'll learn how to concoct autofilled fields and implement sophisticated formulas that tie the subtotal of each line item to the grand total of the invoice, painting a complete and accurate picture of the transaction.

This approach isn't just limited to managing invoices; it's a fundamental blueprint that you can adapt and apply to myriad scenarios where detailed data association is required. It's just one of the many intriguing possibilities that SmartSuite's no-code platform affords.

Feeling enlightened and excited to put this knowledge to practice? Don’t forget to subscribe and give a nod of approval by liking the video. But more than that, roll up your sleeves and delve into the world of SmartSuite by starting your free trial today. Trust me, once you experience the supremacy of managing your data with junction applications, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.