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Why No Code is the Future of Enterprise Applications

Why No Code is the Future of Enterprise Applications

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November 12, 2021

It’s impossible to understate the importance of software applications to modern business, and not just those that focus on technology. We rely on technology in every aspect of our work, from processing payments to planning projects, tracking our operations and facilitating our communication.

Why No Code is the Future of Enterprise Applications

Having the right software platforms and tools available is essential to enable your employees, streamline your work and drive business value. Unfortunately many organizations struggle with this critical aspect of their business. Challenges range from overloaded IT departments struggling to keep up with demand, strained budgets that don’t accommodate for expensive platforms and team members lacking the skills or training to use complex applications.

Ironically, the easy access to SaaS platforms has added to these issues as organizations have adopted sometimes dozens of different tools - all unconnected, isolated from each other, with different interfaces and learning curves.

In contrast a no code platform enables and empowers users, equipping them with the tools that they need to store their information, complete their work processes, and keep track of all the details required to get things done. Without requiring complex customization or from-scratch integration, these platforms propel an organization forward rapidly so that time is spent generating business and company value instead of being mired down by technology that can’t keep pace.

Why No Code?

With no code enterprise applications you are no longer locked into outdated software that was designed for a specific purpose and driven by a tired and dated user interface. No code platforms’ business value is focused on their users, enabling them to work in a fluid way that optimizes workflows and processes.

Because of the simplicity, you don’t have to be a whizz-kid developer to get started - regular business users can configure and adapt the system to support their specific needs. Automated workflow tools react to changes in data, notifications alert users to important events, and configurable forms and tables hold all the data you need to get things done.

What is a No Code Platform?

A user-friendly interface makes no code applications easier to use than traditional development. Organizations and individuals have the option of building their apps with all the visual tools they need to store information, track business processes and analyze data.

Advantages of No Code Platforms

Reduced Complexity

There are several benefits to using a no code platform, but the primary advantage for most organizations is that it reduces the complexity of the applications they are using. The majority of business processes follow similar patterns, and a no code platform is an easy way to consolidate many processes on a single platform, offering a consistent user experience and ready access to shared data.

This decreases the chances of the platform being out of date, users basing decisions on outdated or inaccurate data or negatively impacting the efficiency of your business when users are required to constantly change systems to do different parts of their job. It also significantly lowers the chances of IT downtime, meaning your applications will run smoothly, without errors, while minimizing the chances of problems.


No code platforms run in the cloud, freeing them from the constraints and potential hazards of on-premise operation. Your IT group doesn’t need to worry about maintaining the system, backing up data or constantly updating software. You’re free to assign already-constrained resources to other tasks, knowing that a dedicated team of professionals is keeping your software platform up and available.

You’ve also got access from anywhere, enabling your increasingly mobile and remote workforce to communicate and collaborate seamlessly. No code software is very mobile-friendly, making it as easy to access your work from a phone or tablet as it is from your laptop.

Onboarding is a Snap

The need to spend hours getting software up and running by hand is a thing of the past. No code solutions are so automated and simple that you can start working in minutes. Even users with no technical experience can quickly learn how to use them and even make adjustments to better accommodate the way they work.

These technologies can be particularly useful for organizations that lack the resources or expertise to manage applications and systems in the traditional way. They’re also great for helping to bring agile or DevOps practices to your business, freeing up your team’s time to work on high value projects.

Unlock speed and unleash new levels of productivity

No Code software allows employees to leverage the power of their own skill set and the tools that they already have. It brings the efficiencies of the ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) movement to the enterprise IT department, removing the necessity to maintain expensive and complex legacy systems.

In addition, users can achieve things that were previously beyond their reach through the ability to put together a fully functioning application to suit their exact needs. No code software is powerful, accessible and affordable, allowing businesses to perform work that was previously out of their reach, such as developing mobile apps for the businesses users.

No-code platforms equip you to fulfill demand

Reducing the time and attention spent on large, complex and expensive enterprise software systems means that organizations can focus more on their customers, less on management and stay focused on the bottom line.

No code applications enable organizations to scale, allowing them to grow and accommodate the changing needs of their workforce - while at the same time lowering the cost of software applications and reducing overall IT costs.

Use SmartSuite to start your no code transformation

SmartSuite is the ideal way to start your own no code transformation, with industry-leading work management features that are perfect for teams of any size. What’s more, you’ll never outgrow the platform - you simply unlock additional seats and capabilities as your organization expands and continues to achieve success. The platform allows you to share data between teams, departments, even entire divisions of larger organizations. With powerful integration and automation capabilities, SmartSuite can interoperate with your existing systems and data, providing a modern, easy-to-use experience that complements any enterprise process.

Tired of using dated apps that require training and constant calls to the help desk? Replace the interaction with SmartSuite to make getting your work done easy, without being dragged down by your software. Ready to get started? There’s no better way to understand what SmartSuite can do for your enterprise than trying it! Start your free trial today!

Come join us and be part of the future of enterprise software.

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