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Streamline Your Entire Onboarding Process in SmartSuite

Streamline Your Entire Onboarding Process in SmartSuite

4 minutes

August 31, 2022

Streamline Your Onboarding Process in SmartSuite

Managing all positions and their applicants, coordinating interviews around everyone's schedule, figuring out who is going to interview each candidate, trying to keep track of all the candidates and copy-pasting data from different spreadsheets, and following up in emails. Who did I get back to? And who did I not? 

Imagine the entire onboarding process, streamlined. According to Business, SmartSuite is the best software to use for onboarding. (View the video here). SmartSuite makes the tedious and inefficient onboarding process simple, customizable, and entirely automated. 

Let us illustrate the many possibilities of organizing this process on our platform. This just is a glimpse of the power of SmartSuite and how you can create dynamic custom reporting and workflows to streamline your entire onboarding process from start to finish. 

Manage your onboarding queue, positions, and hires through visual reporting views.

Our custom field types allow you to add quality data of all different forms and manage all aspects of your onboarding process.

Create powerful saved views (reports) by grouping your data to see data in the best way such as: 

Open Position by Department

Positions by Status

Applicants by Status

Applicants by Rating

Interviews by Status

Customize the information you store regarding job position descriptions, experience level, responsibilities, salary, and any relevant details.

View all this data in our dynamic and interactive record views.

Use more advanced fields such as Count fields to display how many applicants have applied to this position. This is a useful metric for when you send out a SmartSuite form to many applicants for them to apply, and they all submit it. You can easily see how many people are applying to each position.

Create job applications through SmartSuite forms. All the applicant’s information, responses, and attachments will automatically go to your workflow.

You can create custom fields that relate to onboarding and their personal information can feed into your employee directory.  We have a Member Directory directly built into SmartSuite for HR to manage all employees. 

Create onboarding checklists with default values for actions that repeat for each onboarding. For every new applicant, a checklist is filled with all the predetermined steps to follow. 

You can even assign each step to a team member.

Create an onboarding calendar, to see who is currently going through the onboarding process.

Once you are ready to hire a candidate, the process is even more simple.

Through status changes to “Make Offer,”  you can create an automation that sends out an automatic email with a custom message such as, “We're ready to make you an offer. Please fill out this form” with the offer letter attached. You can personalize the email and use the Name field to ensure all applicants receive a custom message. 

Create and send out offer letters directly using SmartSuite forms. 

Store all your onboarding resources in a Resource Library for file management.

Author, manage and publish technology set up guides, employee handbooks, policies, and procedures to ensure your team is informed and understands expectations. Organize all your HR resources in one place to make it easy for employees to find what they need when they need it.

As you can see, this process becomes much more efficient through powerful and dynamic reporting, automation, and the use of SmartSuite forms. Don’t let hiring new talent slow you down and instead centralize the entire process in one place with SmartSuite. 

Our prebuilt HR templates with demo data are a great starting point to creating your own custom onboarding process in SmartSuite. You can view all HR templates here.